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Amy Hopkins

Is Chinese whisky set to become the next major regional style? – comment

With the world’s two biggest distillers investing heavily in new Chinese whisky ventures, aged spirits commentator Amy Hopkins considers what opportunities await this fledgling sub-category.

Spirits categories – What’s in a name? – comment

The spirits industry is rather fond of categorisation, dedicating a lot of time and resources to forming, protecting and regulating particular varieties of spirits, particularly aged ones. Category commentator Amy Hopkins asks, who cares most: the trade, or the consumer?

Social currency – Why aged spirits must lean in to influencers – comment

Influencers – including those involved in aged spirits – are frequently derided in industry circles. But, category commentator Amy Hopkins argues, they are playing an increasingly important role in bridging the gap between brand and consumer.

Why identity politics is more important than ever in aged spirits marketing – comment

Aged spirits such as whisky, Cognac and increasingly rum often go to great lengths to share the minutiae of their ingredients and complex production processes. But, do most consumers really care? A significant proportion of drinkers today seem to be more concerned with brands’ environmental, social and ethical values. Spirits category commentator Amy Hopkins investigates.

What lasting impact will COVID have on the luxury spirits market? – comment

With consumer priorities shifting massively, vast changes in channel and category hierarchies and new consumption occasions all arising from the coronavirus pandemic, spirits category commentator Amy Hopkins examines how the higher-end spirits market could be changed in the long term.