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EXCLUSIVE - UK: Anheuser-Busch InBev to drop large cans of Tennent's Super Lager

Anheuser-Busch InBev has confirmed it will stop producing 50cl cans of its high-strength Tennent's Super Lager in the UK as part a commitmen...

UK: William Grant & Sons gives GBP185,000 to Scottish anti-independence fight

William Grant & Sons has donated GBP185,000 (US$317,000) to campaign groups opposed to Scottish independence, election officials have reveal...

UK: SodaStream silent on John Lewis pullout after protests

SodaStream has refused to comment on claims that UK retailer John Lewis removed its products from shelves after being targeted by pro-Palest...

Recent news

Product Launch - POLAND: Russian Standard's Zubrówka Zlota 10 Jul 2014

James Wilmore

Russian Standard has launched a new flavoured variant of its Polish vodka brand Zubrówka.

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Moet Hennessy's Glenmorangie Pride 1978 10 Jul 2014

Andy Morton

Moet Hennessy has launched a 34-year-old expression of its Glenmorangie brand that has been extra-matured in French Premier Grand Cru claret wine casks for 15 years.

US: Brewery total tops 3,000, but still no saturation - Brewers Association 10 Jul 2014

James Wilmore

A senior Brewers Association representative has denied that the US has reached “saturation point” after it emerged the number of breweries in the country has topped 3,000.

Product Launch - US: Pernod Ricard's Café de Paris Pear, Pomegranate 10 Jul 2014

Andy Morton

Pernod Ricard's US unit has launched two sparkling fruit-flavoured wines as it targets female millenials driving premiumisation trends in the imported wine category.

UK: Scotch Whisky Association denies being silenced on Scottish independence debate 10 Jul 2014

James Wilmore

The head of the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has denied the group has been pressured into silence on the question of Scottish independence, but admitted there has been “vigorous” discussions with both sides.

GLOBAL: Top producers eye progress on alcohol-harm reduction 10 Jul 2014

Andy Morton

The world's biggest alcohol companies have pledged to accelerate work to address alcohol misuse after releasing a joint report described as a “foundation” for progress.

UK: La Martiniquaise-Bardinet agrees Glen Moray distribution deal with Marblehead 10 Jul 2014

James Wilmore

French drinks group La Martiniquaise-Bardinet has secured a new UK on-trade distribution deal for its Glen Moray Classic Single Malt brand with Marblehead.

Product Launch - GLOBAL: The Lakes Distillery's The One 10 Jul 2014

Olly Wehring

The Lakes Distillery has launched its inaugural whisky. The company, which is based in the UK's Lake District in the north of England, has released The One.

US: William Grant & Sons launches Sailor Jerry US push - video 10 Jul 2014

Andy Morton

William Grant & Sons has launched a US TV ad for its Sailor Jerry rum brand.

US: Anheuser-Busch InBev gives TV push to Bud Light Lime Ritas - video 10 Jul 2014

James Wilmore

Anheuser-Busch InBev is launching a US ad campaign for the Lime Ritas variant of its Bud Light brand.

FRANCE: Languedoc vineyards take EUR80m hit from hailstorm 10 Jul 2014

Stuart Todd

The cost of hailstorm damage to vineyards in the Languedoc region of southern France, in terms of lost production, could total EUR80m (US$108.9m), according to trade body sources.

UK: Brewers urge beer tax cut as part of new manifesto 10 Jul 2014

James Wilmore

Brewers operating in the UK are calling for further cuts to beer duty levels as part of a new sector-wide manifesto launched today (10 July).

TRAVEL RETAIL: Edrington to set up global Travel Retail team 10 Jul 2014

Andy Morton

Edrington has revealed plans to create a global Travel Retail unit as it continues to up control over its spirits brands.

Product Launch - US: Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Across America mixed 12-pack 9 Jul 2014

Andy Morton

Sierra Nevada has launched a multi-pack of new beers from 12 different US breweries ahead of a nation-wide craft beer tour.

US: PepsiCo CEO admits "profound" change in US consumer habits 9 Jul 2014

James Wilmore

The CEO of PepsiCo has acknowledged that the US is seeing a “profound” change in eating and drinking habits, but suggested the media and bloggers are partly to blame for a mistrust of food and drinks producers.

US: Heaven Hill Distilleries buys Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur 9 Jul 2014

Andy Morton

Heaven Hill Distilleries has acquired the Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur brand for an undisclosed sum.

UK: Scotch Whisky Association names head of alcohol abuse fund 9 Jul 2014

Andy Morton

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has appointed the first chairperson of its alcohol-harm charity, the Scotch Whisky Action Fund.

Product Launch - TRAVEL RETAIL: Bacardi's Grey Goose VX 9 Jul 2014

James Wilmore

Bacardi has launched a new variant of its Grey Goose vodka brand, which contains drops of Cognac.

US: Gruppo Campari unveils Skyy vodka TV ad - video 9 Jul 2014

Andy Morton

Gruppo Campari has launched a series of new US TV ads for its Skyy vodka brand.

GLOBAL: SABMiller aims to cut breweries' carbon footprint by 50% 9 Jul 2014

James Wilmore

SABMiller is aiming to halve its carbon footprint at all its global breweries by 2020 as part of new sustainability targets.

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