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Coca-Cola Co's Nigerian ambitions - Comment

This month, Ray Rowlands sets his sights on the recently-announced Nigerian venture between The Coca-Cola Co and the Tropical General Invest...

Aus wine industry pays price for past failures

This month, Chris Losh turns his attention to the Australian wine industry, and finds a country struggling with scant opportunities and stru...

What's so special about Islay anyway? - Comment

The news that Hunter Laing & Co has committed GBP8m (US$11.4m) to move from independent bottler to full-blown distiller by building its own,...

How the global beer industry has started 2016

just-drinks' beer commentator, Larry Nelson, starts his 2016 output by looking at three of the more recent brewing moves around the world....

Forget Baby Boomers at your peril - Consumer Trends 11 Feb 2016

Ben Cooper

In the latest of his consumer trends articles, Ben Cooper highlights the potential still on offer for drinks companies from the Baby Boomers out there.

Confessions of a Millennial consumer - Comment 26 Jan 2016

Joel Harrison

Meeting the needs of the Millennial consumer is a tricky game. I know, because I am one and the one thing I can say for certain about us is that we love a paradox. I, and my fellow Millennials, are the living embodiment of the term 'juxtaposition'.

How to market moderation - Consumer Trends 26 Jan 2016

Ben Cooper

Reconciling two prevalent trends in the alcohol sector – moderation and premiumisation – represents one of the critical challenges facing alcohol marketers, writes Ben Cooper. Particularly as they seek to attract and retain young adult consumers.

What was the best European NPD in soft drinks & water in 2015? - Comment 21 Jan 2016

Richard Corbett

The seasonal festivities tend to give way to a period of ideas, hopes and plans. In Europe, the soft drinks industry is looking to formulate its strategies for the coming year. Before that, Richard Corbett considers last year's soft drinks and water NPD in the region, and picks his favourite.

Seeing red - Can Coca-Cola Co's new brand strategy solve the sugar problem and buy the world a Coke at the same time? - Comment 20 Jan 2016

Lucy Britner

Yesterday, the Coca-Cola Co announced plans to bring its Coke, Coke Zero, Diet/Light Coke and Coke Life brands under one marketing umbrella - championing the famous red and white Coca-Cola logo across the board. Instead of having seperate brand campaigns for each variant, the hope is that all four benefit from one brand Coke message.

The wine category in 2016 - Losh's Predictions Part II - Comment 19 Jan 2016

Chris Losh

Following on from his predictions for the first six months of 2016 for the wine category earlier this month, Chris Losh continues here, with the second and final part of his look at what he feels will shape the wine landscape in the year ahead.

The BRIC Markets - Where are they now? - Comment 14 Jan 2016

Richard Woodard

Since almost the turn of the Century, it's been all about the BRICs. Brazil, Russia, India and China have spent the last 16 years as the focus for growth for every drinks company out there. Richard Woodard takes a look at the four countries and surveys their importance in 2016.

Is iced coffee the next big soft drinks trend? - Comment 12 Jan 2016

Ray Rowlands

With the festive season over for another year, Ray Rowlands steps away from the mulled wine and mince pies to consider the progress of the iced coffee segment. In the UK, this is one of the smaller soft drink categories at present, for whom the seasonal window of demand has appeared somewhat limited. But, this may be about to change as exciting developments bolster category interest.

The wine category in 2016 - Losh's Predictions - Comment 6 Jan 2016

Chris Losh

As we wave through the start of 2016, Chris Losh presents his annual look at what he expects will shape the wine landscape in the year ahead. Or not.

Something for everyone in EU's minimum unit pricing decision - Comment 23 Dec 2015

Andy Morton

The expectation was that the long-awaited European Court of Justice ruling on minimum unit pricing would finally determine whether the practice is legal in the EU.

Sell a London craft brewer, buy a London craft brewer - Confusion at Anheuser-Busch InBev? - Editor's Viewpoint 21 Dec 2015

Olly Wehring

A relatively small transaction in the beer industry today has left me confused. Why would Anheuser-Busch InBev snap up a London-based craft brewer, when it has a staggeringly-similar entity waiting in the wings, once it completes its purchase of SABMiller? That AB InBev has lined up the sale of this SAB-owned brewer confuses me yet further.

Will definition hamstring growth for craft beer? - Comment 7 Dec 2015

Larry Nelson

Has Larry Nelson stumbled upon an issue that could send the craft beer segment into decline?

SABMiller - Where nothing is not for sale? - Editor's Viewpoint 3 Dec 2015

Olly Wehring

When you buy yourself a new toy, the first thing you want to do is to take it home and play with it. You don't want someone taking it off you, perusing it to see if it will give you too much fun or if it will upset your friends, who may be having not as much fun as you are.

Will Anheuser-Busch InBev look to snap up Coca-Cola Co? The eyes have it - Comment 2 Dec 2015

Andy Morton

A nod is as good as a wink to some. Especially, it would appear, when it comes to decoding the clutter surrounding the Anheuser-Busch InBev/SABMiller deal.

Whatever happened to binge Britain? - comment 24 Nov 2015

Lucy Britner

Ten years ago today, when the new Licensing Act came into effect in the UK, I was a cub reporter on licensed-trade newspaper The Morning Advertiser.

The dangers of squaring up to your competitor - Comment 17 Nov 2015

Richard Woodard

Do you remember the Pepsi Taste Challenge? Richard Woodard does, and he sees echoes of it in Bacardi's latest activation for its Oakheart spiced rum brand.

Balmy summer boosts bottled water in Western Europe - Comment 11 Nov 2015

Richard Corbett

A decade ago, West Europe accounted for nearly four in every ten litres of packaged water sold globally, according to Canadean. By the end of last year, that had shrunk to little more than a fifth. While the global market for packaged water has jumped by 75%, the West European market has managed to creep up by just 4% in the last ten years and 2014’s West European sales remain below that of their 2006 high water mark, when much of Europe basked in tropical weather conditions.

Dear wine writer, what on earth are you talking about? - Comment 6 Nov 2015

Chris Losh

Earlier this autumn, Andrew Jefford wrote a short piece about ‘how to write tasting notes’. It was - rather like a good tasting note - short, to the point and full of useful advice: Go easy on the ‘fruit salad’ descriptors, talk about structure and balance as well as flavour, let us know whether you like it, etc.

Will McDonalds' tie-up help Monster catch Red Bull in energy drinks race? - Comment 3 Nov 2015

Ray Rowlands

This month, Ray Rowlands turns his attention to the recently-reported link-up in the US between Monster Beverage Corp and the McDonald’s fast-food chain.

Why is the rum category telling the wrong story? - Comment 27 Oct 2015

Richard Woodard

'Decade of Rum': The title chosen by the West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers’ Association (WIRSPA) for its recently-published report is an eye-catching one, but is it remotely accurate? Yes. And no.

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