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Pernod's Portman Group penalty - a coincidence?

Pernod Ricard has become the latest company to clash with the Portman Group, the UK's drinks industry watchdog....

Comment - Coke Life: Hit or Miss?

A year on from its South American debut, The Coca-Cola Co is taking Coca-Cola Life to the west. Richard Corbett considers the new brand exte...

Change Your Name Before It's Too Late

Changing a company's name – or a brand's name, for that matter – is a dangerous game. But, in this Search Engine Optimisation age, sometimes...

Comment - Diageo: It's all in the timing

I'll admit to being a little perplexed following the latest announcement by Diageo: Not so much by the announcement itself, but more by its...

Comment - Wine - Not on the List 10 Jul 2014

Chris Losh

This month, Chris Losh sets his sights on wine lists and finds a world of unnecessary complexity. Does it have to be this way?

Comment - Why Anheuser-Busch InBev's Move on Tennent's Super Makes Sense 8 Jul 2014

James Wilmore

Anheuser-Busch InBev's decision to scrap the largest format of its Tennent's Super Lager in the UK seems eminently sensible.

Comment – Soft Drinks & Bottled Water - Strong Potential in the Middle East 8 Jul 2014

Ray Rowlands

In the latest of his monthly columns for just-drinks, Ray Rowlands from Drinksinfo Ltd turns his sights on the Middle East, giving a synopsis of soft drinks trends plus a review of recent and forthcoming events affecting the region.

Editor's Viewpoint - India: Everyone's Favourite Spirits Market 2 Jul 2014

Olly Wehring

Finally, after almost 20 months, Diageo has got what it initially wanted in India. The company today (2 July) confirmed it now holds the majority of shares in United Spirits. This achievement, however, has cost way more than Diageo initially expected; to the tune of around US$1bn.

Editor's Viewpoint - SABMiller and Diageo: A Tie-Up Too Far 1 Jul 2014

Olly Wehring

If this year's Silly Season needs a start date, I'd say it is 27 June. The annual silent period that sees newspapers scrabbling around with space to fill began at the end of last week.

Comment - The Dangers of Marijuana 26 Jun 2014

Andy Morton

Brown-Forman released its annual report last week and, tucked down inside the small print, in the section where the company lists potential risks to future growth, was the line, “potential legalization of marijuana use on a more widespread basis within the United States”.

Comment - Soft Drinks - CSDs See Lack of Fizz from World Cup 19 Jun 2014

Richard Corbett

With the FIFA World Cup underway in Brazil, our soft drinks columnist Richard Corbett investigates if the tournament historically offers a sales bounce to CSD producers in Western Europe. He also questions whether future tie-ups could be under threat from the game's increasingly toxic-looking governing body, FIFA

Comment - Spirits - English Whisky Comes in from the Cold 17 Jun 2014

Ian Buxton

With all eyes turned to Scotland ahead of September’s independence vote some enterprising English distillers are making their own plans to turn the tables on the Scots. Yes, English whisky is back – and this time it seems it is here to stay, says Ian Buxton

Comment - Soft Drinks - Will Sunny Delight Re-Energise Itself? 12 Jun 2014

Ray Rowlands

Ray Rowlands of Drinksinfo Ltd takes a trip down memory lane to look at an iconic juice drinks brand of the 1990s - Sunny Delight. He charts its progress up to the present day, including its latest venture into the energy drinks arena.

Comment - Spirits - Gin's Long Quest for Kwan 11 Jun 2014

Richard Woodard

For a spirits brand, what does being a “category leader” mean? Is it purely a blunt measure of cases sold? Profit made? Or something more elusive and nebulous? Richard Woodard, gin in hand, investigates.

Comment - Chorus of Concern over Qatar Allegations Makes Sense 10 Jun 2014

James Wilmore

The fact that World Cup sponsors - including Coca-Cola and Anheuser-Busch InBev - have spoken out about the Qatar allegations is intriguing.

Comment - Brewers Knock on Marijuana Beer's Door 9 Jun 2014

Andy Morton

Keith Villa, the founder of MillerCoors's Blue Moon beer and a real-life doctor of brewing, is as close as the beer industry gets to a Michelin-starred chef.

Comment - Beer - Don't Believe the Hop Hype 6 Jun 2014

Larry Nelson

Is there a hop price crisis? Some beer industry observers believe so. Larry Nelson, however, believes the situation is not as clear as some have tried to make out.

Editor's Viewpoint - Spirits: (Don't) Mind the Gap 5 Jun 2014

Olly Wehring

Whenever you give a business journalist the opportunity to ask a senior drinks executive – particularly one who works in spirits – a question, you can be pretty certain this will be that question:

Editor's Viewpoint – Jameson: Fishing Where the Fish Are 4 Jun 2014

Olly Wehring

At Pernod Ricard's Capital Markets Day, held at the Jameson distillery in Midleton, Ireland, today (4 June), it was all about Jameson.

Editor's Viewpoint - Pernod Ricard: All eyes on Alex Ricard 3 Jun 2014

Olly Wehring

I am en-route to Cork this morning, to attend Pernod Ricard's annual Capital Markets Day. Tomorrow, I will join a wealth of analysts at a series of presentations by the company's leadership team.

Comment - Wine - The Dangers of Natural Wine 3 Jun 2014

Chris Losh

Chris Losh has had a rather unsavoury moment with a natural wine. Brace yourselves.

Editor's Viewpoint - The London Wine Fair 2014: Time to Deliver 2 Jun 2014

Olly Wehring

Today (2 June) is the opening day of the London Wine Fair. After more than a year in redevelopment, the former London International Wine Fair has refocused its efforts and moved its location.

Editor's Viewpoint - Comic Relief's drinks line is no laughing matter 30 May 2014

Olly Wehring

The decision this week by UK-based charity Comic Relief to pull its investments in alcohol companies looks like one that has been taken to calm a perceived braying mob.

Comment - Spirits - Drambuie For Sale 27 May 2014

Ian Buxton

Last week, the owner of Drambuie put the Scotch whisky liqueur brand up for sale. Ian Buxton considers Drambuie's history and the potential runners and riders.

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