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Is Irish whiskey ready to recognise its potential?

One of the more lively spirits sectors in recent years, Irish whiskey is certainly on the up. But, on the second anniversary of Bushmills' c...

Taking the Asian hit is worth it for soft drinks

Long considered a colourful place to do business, Asia has grown increasingly important for soft drinks companies who are chasing growth. Ri...

How mid-sized brewers cope with consolidation

As consolidation at each end of the beer spectrum dominates the headlines, Stephen Beaumont looks at the squeeze on those in the middle. How...

Are soft drinks staring into an Indian abyss?

This month, Ray Rowlands focuses his attention on the recent announcement that carbonated soft drinks are to be classified as luxury items i...

Where have all wine's young guns gone? - Comment 10 Nov 2016

Chris Losh

As the drinks world is lit up by new spins on established sectors, Chris Losh considers whether the wine category risks getting left behind by the International Bright Young Things.

Anheuser-Busch InBev's battle to save craft beer from the tyranny of choice - Comment 2 Nov 2016

Andy Morton

just-drinks sparked a Twitter mini-storm in the craft beer world this week when I reported a few unguarded comments from Anheuser-Busch InBev's CEO, Carlos Brito.

Coffee and doughnuts – Will The Coca-Cola Co’s Dunkin’ Donuts move pay off? - Comment 25 Oct 2016

Ray Rowlands

This month, soft drinks commentator Ray Rowlands focuses on the recently-announced marriage between The Coca-Cola Co and coffee house chain Dunkin' Donuts, and contemplates where the tie-up might eventually lead.

Why stevia can still win in soft drinks - Comment 21 Oct 2016

Richard Corbett

Consumer trends, along with government pressure and drinks companies' calorie pledges, mean the future for stevia is bright, regardless of its chequered past. Richard Corbett explains.

The end is nigh for Global Travel Retail - Comment 18 Oct 2016

Andy Morton

After spending a week in Cannes earlier this month at TFWA’s annual Travel Retail exhibition, I have come to the conclusion that those predicting a healthy future for GTR have - if you’ll excuse the obvious idiom - their heads in the clouds.

A Keeper of the Quaich writes - Editor's Viewpoint 18 Oct 2016

Olly Wehring

As I write, I am heading back to London from Scotland with a whole new set of unforgettable memories from an evening spent in Scotch.

The trends set to drive beer's future - Comment 13 Oct 2016

Stephen Beaumont

The Great American Beer Festival returned, earlier this month. just-drinks' beer commentator, Stephen Beaumont travelled to Denver to report from the three-day event and gauge the health of the beer category in the US.

Why wine has become a slave to water - Comment 11 Oct 2016

Chris Losh

The importance of water in the production of wine has grown in recent years, to such an extent that many wine companies are struggling. Chris Losh considers where irrigation has become a problem issue.

How to win in gin - Comment 6 Oct 2016

Richard Woodard

As one of the drinks industry's more unpredictable booms continues, have we reached 'peak gin'? Not yet, suggests Richard Woodard, but new market entrants will have to be smart – or have deep pockets – if they're to cash in.

So long, SAB - Anheuser-Busch InBev and the death of SABMiller - Editor's Viewpoint 6 Oct 2016

Olly Wehring

I'll spare you the 'Fat Lady' analogies but, if you do hear some singing this week, it's likely to be Anheuser-Busch InBev staff in a good, post-deal-closure mood.

What have we learned from Scotch whisky's performance in 2016? - Comment 4 Oct 2016

Ian Buxton

This month, spirits commentator Ian Buxton ponders the conclusions bandied about following the publication of Scotch whisky export numbers for the first six months of 2016.

Coke Life - Coca-Cola's niche soda that tried to be so much more - Comment 30 Sep 2016

Andy Morton

It was to be a key weapon in The Coca-Cola Co's fight against declining soda sales. But since its launch in Argentina in 2013 Coke Life has carried the whiff of underachievement as consumers struggled to connect with its lower-sugar (but not no-sugar) positioning.

From crass to craft - The aluminium can's role in the future of beer - Comment 27 Sep 2016

Lucy Britner

In the beer category, the aluminium can was until recently considered the bastion of the big brand. Here in the UK, this continues to be the case: There are still stacks of them flanking supermarket entrances in all their 20x44cl pack glory.

Why are sports drinks failing to ride the Olympic wave? - Comment 22 Sep 2016

Richard Corbett

This month, soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett looks at the sports drinks category and considers its continued reliance on one market at a time when its global future should look considerably more upbeat.

It isn't just men who like beer - Comment 20 Sep 2016

Stephen Beaumont

Back in the 1990s, a demographic peculiarity began to make itself apparent at beer festivals in the US and Canada. Rather than attracting what most would have considered the predictable scores of male beer drinkers, these festivals, heavily populated by what we then called 'microbreweries', began to be increasingly patronised by females.

How soft drinks can exploit alcohol's loss - Comment 15 Sep 2016

Ray Rowlands

This month, Ray Rowlands explores the world of adult soft drinks and highlights the growing threat they pose to the alcoholic drinks industry.

Brexit - What is certain is that nothing is certain - Editor's Viewpoint 14 Sep 2016

Olly Wehring

Attending the UK Wine & Spirits Trade Association’s annual conference in London yesterday, I was particularly struck by one thought: Stripping out every use of the words "if", "could", "might", probably" and "likely" would have made the whole event a darn sight shorter. The main topic of the day? Of course: Brexit.

Why China is as much about wine production as wine consumption - Comment 8 Sep 2016

Chris Losh

Looking through the mist, Chris Losh can see China's wine production efforts becoming of greater importance to the wine world than the country's potential to consume the stuff.

Why has Accolade Wines lost another CEO? - Editor's Viewpoint 1 Sep 2016

Olly Wehring

When it comes to HR announcements, the departure of a chief executive always gets the juices flowing. Why are they going? Where are they going? Who is replacing them? When the announcement isn’t even an announcement, however, then you’ll forgive us for being a mite suspicious. The confirmation by Accolade Wines on Tuesday of an internal memo detailing Paul Schaafsma’s plans to stand down within the next ten months is just such a curious turn. Why is he going? Where is he going? Who is replacing him? Far more pertinently, though: Why didn’t you tell us?

Job cuts may not be the whole story at work-intense Anheuser-Busch InBev - Comment 26 Aug 2016

Andy Morton

Is Carlos Brito's job in danger?

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