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Is under-reporting your alcohol intake bad for your health?International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 138: Under-Reporting of Alcohol Intake Affects the Relation of Alcohol to the Risk of Cancer

By: International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research | 23 April 2014

Epidemiologists are often faced with reported adverse health effects of alcohol among subjects reporting very low levels of consumption, levels that physiologically should not cause diseases such as cancer.

Round-Up - NPD: Fluid Milk Innovation Aims to Reverse Sales Decline

By: Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director at Datamonitor | 23 April 2014

For a product that has endured more than half a century of consumption declines in the US market alone, fluid milk is behaving surprisingly energetically these days. A flurry of innovation in new cow’s milk products may at last have the potential to revitalise a sector that has been in the doldrums for decades.

Focus - The Nuances of ‘Responsible Drinking’ - SpiritsEurope DG

By: EurActiv | 23 April 2014

For an industry body, passing on the message that consumers may want to buy less of your product may seem suicidal. Yet this is what SpiritsEurope is attempting to do with the concept of 'responsible drinking'.

Analysis - Buying British: Foreign Interest in the UK Drinks Market

By: Vasu Majumdar, associate director at Grant Thornton UK LLP | 22 April 2014

M&A activity across the UK food and beverage (F&B) sector is on the up with deal volumes having increased for two consecutive quarters.

PepsiCo released its Q1 results last weekAnalysis - PepsiCo rides high but Peltz clouds horizon

By: Andy Morton | 22 April 2014

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi was bullish when pushed last week for her thoughts on who will replace her. And rightly so.

PepsiCo released its Q1 results last weekjust On Call - "I'm still in the chair" - PepsiCo CEO

By: Andy Morton | 22 April 2014

PepsiCo head Indra Nooyi has deflected a question on who will succeed her as CEO, telling analysts that she is still “in the chair”.

Remy Cointreau continues to pin its hopes on ChinaAnalysis - Remy Cointreau and the road ahead in China

By: Olly Wehring | 22 April 2014

Despite being the weakest-positioned player to weather the international spirits storm in China, it is reassuring to hear that Remy Cointreau maintains an upbeat outlook on its longer-term prospects in the country - even if 2014 has given the company nothing but trouble.

Diageo saw a dip in Q3 net salesAnalysis - Diageo dips in Q3 as China still chokes

By: James Wilmore | 17 April 2014

“Disappointing” was how one analyst group described Diageo's trading update today. That sentiment has since been reflected on the London Stock Exchange.

just the Facts - Top 10 Australian Wine Export Markets by Volume, Value

By: James Wilmore | 16 April 2014

Earlier today (16 April) Wine Australia released a report on category exports in the 12 months to the end of March. Here we detail the top 10 markets by volume and value and how they performed:

PepsiCo will release its Q1 results tomorrowjust The Preview - PepsiCo's Q1

By: Andy Morton | 16 April 2014

PepsiCo will report its first-quarter results tomorrow (17 April). Here just-drinks takes a look at the group's highs and lows in beverages for the three months to the end of March.

Focus - Coca-Cola Co's Q1 Performance by Region

By: Andy Morton | 15 April 2014

just The Preview - The Coca-Cola Co Q1

By: Andy Morton | 14 April 2014

just the Facts - Ireland's Whiskey Distilleries

By: Olly Wehring | 9 April 2014

just The Preview - Constellation Brands' Q4 & FY

By: Andy Morton | 7 April 2014

just the Facts - Pernod Ricard's Becherovka

By: Olly Wehring | 3 April 2014

just the Facts - Top US Craft Brewers in 2013

By: Olly Wehring | 31 March 2014

just the Facts - Top US Brewers in 2013

By: Olly Wehring | 31 March 2014







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