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India has banned alcohol sales within 500m of state and national highways

Pernod's mood darkens over India - Analysis

If it's not one thing then it's another. Such is the way of the global drinks market....

The latest Global Scotch Insights report from just-drinks and The IWSR was published earlier this year

Why Scotch must drop the 'malts good, blends bad'

Scotch whisky is contemplating a brighter future after three consecutive years of falling global sales, according to the latest joint Global...

Cognac helped drive growth for Remy Cointreau in fiscal-2017

Cognac is back - is Remy Cointreau ready?

In a fiscal-2017 trading update yesterday, Remy Cointreau praised the continued strong performance of its Remy Martin Cognac division - nami...

The Greenpeace report looks at global ocean pollution

Soft drinks is losing the recycling game

A recent report from Greenpeace has condemned the world's largest soft drinks producers for not doing enough to address ocean pollution caus...

Every month, the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking looks at responsible drinking measures around the world

Responsible drinking measures - April

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, looks at...

Pernod Ricard's CEO, Alex Ricard, spoke to just-drinks in the quarter

Pernod Ricard's Q3 2017 trading update - Preview

Pernod Ricard will report its third-quarter numbers on Thursday. Here, just-drinks takes a look at what the Paris-headquartered group has be...

BrewDog's private-equity gamble reveals stark choice for craft beer growth - Analysis 13 Apr 17

"It was just a lucky punt," says Steve Lofty of the BrewDog shares he bought back in 2011. That was when the Scottish craft brewer raised GBP2.2m (US$2.8m) in a second phase of crowdfunding. "I'd just got a bonus from work and it seemed like a fun company."

As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, how long before wine faces its own revolution? - Comment 12 Apr 17

Much has been made over the last year of the 'silent majority'; the long-suffering populations who have seen much of what they believed in eroded, their jobs migrated and workplaces closed, their standard of living on a seemingly endless downward curve. Chris Losh says the same headwinds are being felt across the wine world.  

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Scotch sales set to soar, despite recent struggles

Richard Woodard | 20 Apr 17 The latest Global Scotch Insights report from just-drinks and The IWSR was published earlier this year

Worldwide sales of Scotch whisky are poised for a remarkable resurgence in the coming years, led by the continued march of malts and a recovery in blended Scotch sales, according to recent research.

Diageo to cut 105 jobs in Scotland, 50 in Italy

Andy Morton | 20 Apr 17 The GMB said Diageo is moving some of its white spirits production to Italy and the US

Diageo is to shed more than 100 jobs at its Scottish plants as it shifts some spirits production outside of the UK, a trade union has said.

Carlsberg UK unveils US$19m "thumbstoppable" ad

Andy Morton | 20 Apr 17 In the Carlsberg Export ad, Mads Mikkelsen cycles through Copenhagen asking the question: “What makes Danes so happy?”

Carlsberg has spent GBP15m (US$m) on its latest UK campaign as it tries to create "thumbstoppable" content for today's saturated digital market.

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This week in spirits & wine

This week in beer & cider

This week in soft drinks & bottled water

Cognac needs innovation at bottom end - Pernod

Nichols' Feel Good Infusions - NPD

Big Drop Brewing Co's Citrus Pale Ale - NPD

Ageing population contributes to Canada beer dip

Pernod Ricard YTD fiscal-2017 sales performance

Beverage Industry Interviews

"Launching a brand new gin now would be a tough ask" - Interview, Wemyss Malts MD William Wemyss 10 Apr 17

Lucy BritnerWemyss Malts MD William Wemyss with the new Darnley's gin bottle

Late last month, Wemyss Malts announced plans to move its Darnley's gin production to its own, newly-created facility in Scotland. The gin, which launched in 2010, is currently produced at Thames Distillers in London.  At the same time, the firm announced that it has dropped 'View' from the brand name and rolled out fresh packaging as well as a Navy Strength version of its Spiced Gin brand. just-drinks sat down with Wemyss Malts founder and managing director William Wemyss in Edinburgh to find out why being "made in Scotland" is important.

"Do you go and buy Chivas Regal at Lidl? I don't think so" - Interview, Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits' CEO, Jean-Noël Reynaud 5 Apr 17

Andy Morton

In 2013, Belvedere entered administration after falling into debt thanks to its purchase of the Marie Brizard liqueurs brand. Four years later, the French spirits company - renamed Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits - is debt free. What's more, its William Peel Scotch whisky has just become the top-selling spirits brand in France. Couple that with an entry into China and you have a company back on the up. just-drinks spoke to Marie Brizard's CEO since 2014, Jean-Noël Reynaud, about how he has turned the firm around by shunning premiumisation, as well as the benefits of Brexit. We also asked: Whatever happened to Bruce Willis?

"Everything we are doing is to create value, not volume" - Interview, Baron Philippe de Rothschild CEO Hugues Lechanoine 29 Mar 17

Lucy BritnerBaron Philippe de Rothschild CEO Hugues Lechanoine unveiled a special cuvee for the America's Cup this month

Earlier this month, the CEO of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Hugues Lechanoine visited London. During his visit, just-drinks sat down with him to discuss the family-owned wine company's flagship brand, Mouton Cadet, as well as the sponsorship opportunities available to wine and the issues facing wine companies in emerging markets.

just-drinks Blog

Budweiser races to stock Mars bars

Lucy Britner, just-drinks editorial team Lucy Britner | 16 Mar 17

For those people looking to the Red Planet as shining utopia away from all things earth, look away now.

When life gives you lemons, make soap

Lucy Britner, just-drinks editorial team Lucy Britner | 9 Feb 17

Bacardi's 42 Below vodka brand has found a novel way to use the lemons left over from cocktail-making: Turn them into liquid soap.

Small measures required as Philadelphia soda tax adds up

Andy Morton, just-drinks editorial team Andy Morton | 4 Jan 17

Philadelphia’s soda tax came into force on Sunday, and is reportedly causing a stir in the city's check-out aisles.

Beverage Hot Issues

just-drinks Exclusive Interview - Pernod Ricard CEO, Alex Ricard

just-drinks Exclusive Interview - Pernod Ricard CEO, Alex Ricard

In late-February, just-drinks spent an hour with the head of Pernod Ricard, Alex Ricard. Here's our exclusive, two-part interview.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Full-Year 2016 results - Round-up

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Full-Year 2016 results - Round-up

In February, Dr Pepper Snapple Group released its results for 2016. Here's a full round-up of just-drinks' coverage of the company's 12-month numbers.

Molson Coors Full-Year 2016 results - Round-up

Molson Coors Full-Year 2016 results - Round-up

In February, Molson Coors reported its results for the 12 months of 2016. Here's a full round-up of just-drinks' coverage of the brewer's numbers.

just-drinks Vodka Essentials

just-drinks Vodka Essentials

As part of just-drinks' Spirits Essentials series, this look at the vodka category provides comprehensive figures and information on the sector, its markets and its trends.

Drinks Market Research

Global Scotch insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer

Global Scotch insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer trends

This edition of our global Scotch report contains the latest data from The IWSR combined with our unique analyst insights and brand interview extracts. It forecasts the future of both blended and malt Scotch. For the former, the report suggests market reinvigoration and a fresh approach are required. For the latter, it is poised to continue its recent march to 2021, moving from 9m cases to nearly 11.5m cases in the process. This report strategically reviews the global Scotch category, providing future insights into what the sector has to do to grow over the coming years... Read more

Published: February 2017 - ($1500.00)

West Europe - ISA Global Risk Forecasts

Published: March 2017 - ($199.00)

Asian Speciality Drinks in Singapore

Published: March 2017 - ($990.00)

Beer in Western Europe

Published: March 2017 - ($1325.00)

Global Tequila Market 2017-2021

Published: March 2017 - ($3500.00)

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