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WILD focuses on outstanding flavor, functionality, quality, and safety of its products. We are committed to developing innovative products that maintain a leading position in the market. With advanced technological expertise in superior taste and natural colors, WILD delivers first-class ingredients to the food and beverage industry.

With over 85 years of history, WILD’s aim has consistently been to produce and provide the food and beverage industries with raw materials using natural ingredients. WILD has carried this mission into the 21st century, offering customers unsurpassed quality and consistency, innovative technologies, responsive service, and, of course, great taste. WILD has the reputation as a “major think tank” for modern product ideation and design, research and innovation, and we have never strayed from our founding mission of researching, developing, and creating the best possible natural food and beverage ingredients for our customers.

WILD is Expertise
Whether our customers require innovative flavors, colors, superior finished products, or environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, WILD is their one-stop-resource. We are dedicated to providing unique solutions to the food and beverage industry and continue to focus on our customers’ requirements while maintaining total quality throughout the entire process.

Concentrates & Blends
WILD offers standardized juice concentrates and combinations of concentrated and non-concentrated fruit juices, known as blends. These blends can also include ingredients such as flavors, colors and other fine chemicals e.g. vitamins or minerals.

WILD manages the complete supply chain from orchard to the product delivered just-in-time to their customers. Together with local sourcing teams, the WILD global purchasing team and the quality team select the best raw materials for the WILD blends with highest quality standards.

The product portfolio ranges from standardized single juice blends to complex bases for low juice containing beverages. The quality remains consistent regardless of fluctuations in availability, seasons and growing conditions.

The WILD portfolio offers:

  • Single Fruit Juices
  • Multi Fruit Blends
  • High Juice Applications
  • Foodservice solutions

Oral Care
Through the acquisition of A.M. Todd, WILD increased its capabilities to compete in the oral care market through the use of mint, sweetness enhancers, and flavors.

A.M. Todd has over 144 years of Mint formulation experience. They have been supplying mint oils for over 90 years to the Oral Care Industry. With this history and background, WILD now currently sells Mint Oils and flavors to 10 of the top 12 Global Oral Care companies; provide Mint Oils and Flavors to Oral Care manufacturers in the North American, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

WILD currently has oral care development facilities in: Erlanger, Kentucky and Kalamazoo, Michigan in the United States; as well as Mumbai in India. WILD is developing further oral care Centers of Excellence in Berlin, Germany and both Shanghai and Beijing in China. These areas will work in development of oral care product from flavor development to producing application samples.

We Establish Trends
Through proprietary resources and the constant communication with our global research and innovation groups, WILD is able to review and analyze international trends and market data and forecast the approaching direction of the marketplace to help our customers stay at the forefront of the industry.

Customization is the Cornerstone of our Services
WILD offers everything from ideation to product development, supply chain management through commercialization and technical support as complete solutions to the companies we work with.

Through constant product exchange within the WILD network, we attain knowledge about the latest international product trends and offer modern and innovative ready to market concepts for manufacturers.

One focus of the company is the development of flavor systems: The tailor-made all-in-one-solutions normally contain everything needed to produce a standard finished product in exactly the optimal amounts for the specific product except for water, sugar, and acids. These systems offer food and beverage manufacturers greater production reliability and effectiveness.

WILD offers comprehensive application expertise – from concept to technology. Sample creation, sensory, feasibility and stability tests for all our applications and technical support for manufacturing of the finished products are part of the WILD package.

Natural Flavor Ingredients
WILD is worldwide a leading supplier of natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry.

With the vision of producing non-alcoholic beverages using purely natural ingredients, Rudolf Wild founded the company in 1931. In 1951, Libella was the first soft drink that set aside the common concept of artificial coloring, flavoring and sweetening but consisted of natural flavor ingredients. With this philosophy, WILD set new standards for the beverage industry.

Until today, the WILD product portfolio is focused on natural ingredients. The company produces components such as natural flavors and extracts, natural colors, natural fruit sweeteners, as well as specialty ingredients meeting consumer requirements.

WILD is a global leader in FTNF (From The Named Fruit) flavors. The company offers natural flavor ingredients for the beverage, confectionery, baked goods and ice cream industry

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Arne Gätje
Product Management
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Fax: +49-6221-799-860

Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co. KG
Rudolf-Wild-Str. 107-115,
D-69214 Eppelheim/Heidelberg

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