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Whine about wine

By: Chris Brook-Carter - 17 September 2003 16:09

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There was an interesting article in today's Independent newspaper in the UK reporting on the tension that is growing in the Spanish drinks market over the law aimed at curbing drinking in the street.
The law's restrictions on sales and consumption of alcohol in public have angered Spain's cider and beer producers who complain that winemakers are not exposed to the same restrictions they are.
The agriculture ministry has responded by insisting that wine is a special case, an "agricultural product" that should be exempted.
Of course this sort of attitude towards wine in Europe is nothing new, but the extent to which it is viewed apart from other alcoholic drinks is well demonstrated in an anecdote at the end of the Independent's piece.
It tells of a former interior minister, caught at a football match with a leather wineskin or bota. He is reminded that his own ministry banned alcohol in stadiums. But, protested the culprit, surely a bota didn't count?
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