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Uber beer

By: Chris Brook-Carter - 9 January 2004 13:28

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Those whose interest in history reaches no further than the 1970s, or whose idea of culture is pyrotechnics rather than pyramids (see above) but who still love a novelty beer, may wish to take a quick trip to swap Japan for California.

In recognition of the historic political events in California at the end of last year,  The Portland Brewing Company has introduced "Governator" beer in acknowledgment of California's new governor, Hollywood action man Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to reports, the commemorative bitter ale features a Pumping Iron label in tribute to Schwarzenegger's "Terminator" character.

According to Jerome Chicvara, the company's CEO, the idea for "Governator" beer came about when his college-age children combined the words "governor" and "terminator" to form "governator" - those crazy kids!

Unfortunately for Arnie's legion of international fans the beer will only be available in California.

If anyone else has some ideas for a novelty beer maybe they would like to let us know by emailing

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