Blog: Chris MercerThe greenest booze brand of them all?

Chris Mercer | 2 September 2010

What is the most environmentally-friendly booze brand? Is it the Scotch dram, the Fairtrade Chilean wine or that bottle of locally-brewed beer that you bought in a fit of adventurism? One prominent newspaper is seeking your views.

The Guardian newspaper has been running an interactive debate all week on the most eco-friendly alcoholic drink, prompted by a reader question on the subject.

We are promised answers from the newspaper's gurus tomorrow (3 September) on all things environmental. In terms of sheer size, the world's largest known Irish Coffee should be a strong contender for the least eco-friendly. Or, there's the world's largest beer can. Alternatively, China could sneak in there with its claim to have built a 15ft bottle of wine. Those Chinese; it always has to be bigger, doesn't it?

The point is, any of these would do just as well as anything else. That's because the number of different factors involved make it almost impossible to choose the 'greenest' drink.

I wonder if the Guardian journalists will agree with what they themselves wrote back in 2006. This essentially boiled down to 'buy local', or just go for a drink with people who care about the environment.


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