Blog: Lucy BritnerStarbucks jumps on gin bandwagon

Lucy Britner | 14 March 2018

Starbucks has become the latest company to tap into the gin craze, with the launch of Starbucks Reserve Gin Barrel-Aged Cold Brew.

"Over several weeks, the beans are carefully hand-rotated in the barrel and absorb notes of pepper, cardamom and vanilla from the gin and barrel char," Starbucks said. "They are then small-batch roasted by Starbucks master roasters, a process which burns off the alcohol but retains the aroma and flavour from the barrel ageing."

The result? A "lively coffee infused with a warm botanical essence that highlights its bright citrus notes and caramel finish".

The full serve sees baristas shake together slow-steeped gin barrel-aged Rwanda coffee concentrate, ice, and a few dashes of lime bitters. The beverage is finished with tonic and a garnish with lime.

The sparkling (non-alcoholic) drink is described as a "twist on the classic gin and tonic".

Starbucks Reserve Gin Barrel-Aged Cold Brew and whole-bean coffee is available exclusively at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle for a limited time, starting 13 March.

I thought my Waitrose gin & tonic lip balm signified 'peak gin'. I was wrong.

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