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Olly Wehring | 17 March 2008

Greetings from Germany, where we’re traipsing the halls of this year’s ProWein trade fair in Dusseldorf. This three-day event started yesterday, and I’m here until close of play today.

Whilst it’s easy to draw comparisons with the London International Wine & Spirit Fair – bigger, more walking, stacks more German and Austrian winemakers – I hear that both of these events – offering differing geographical focus, at least - are worth exhibiting at. And no, that doesn’t come from the event organisers.

One point that I can’t believe I’m making, is how good it was to have the first day fall on a Sunday. Although Heathrow was not a pretty site at 0600 yesterday morning, the atmosphere once we got into the halls – there are five of them – was relaxed and informal. Very different to today, where it’s all work, work, work, but a very pleasant way of gaining one’s bearings.

The spirits hall is also well-attended, which sets a standard in my mind for the Distil spirits exhibition in London in May. The splitting of the wine and spirit sides in London is going well, I hear, with the area given over to spirits at ExCel last year set to be filled with wine companies. Distil, meanwhile - which runs concurrently to LIWSF – has secured the presence of Diageo, among others.

Granted, ProWein is slightly Germany and Austria-heavy, when it comes to winemakers, but the healthy presence of the rest of the wine world, as well as the attendance of wine trade organisation representatives I’ve not met before, have made this trip to the fatherland more than worthwhile.

LIWSF? Distil? The bar has been set.


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