Blog: Andy MortonFrom pixels to pilsner - how video games are moving into alcohol

Andy Morton | 26 October 2015

The beer will be released just before Fallout 4 comes out

The beer will be released just before Fallout 4 comes out

Alcohol companies love a good movie tie-in. All that Hollywood glamour seems to give marketers the warm and fuzzies, judging by the number of deals done over the past few years. The new James Bond movie, for example, has both Heineken and Moët Hennessy's Belvedere vodka on board.

Video games, however, haven't been on the radar for drinks makers. The industry is reportedly bigger than film, but I would wager that alcohol makers are put off by the perception that it attracts a traditionally younger audience.

But that idea no longer holds water, as the average age of people who play computer games now stands at 35. A report last year from the Entertainment Software Association said that more gamers are over the age of 36 than between the ages of 18 to 35 or under the age of 18.

Carlsberg, therefore, is breaking new ground by brewing a beer for the hotly-anticipated Fallout 4 game, due out on 10 November. Fallout Beer is on sale for GBP29.99 only through Amazon UK in a 12-pack format and will be released to consumers five days before Fallout 4 hits the shelves.

Bruce Ray, corporate affairs director at Carlsberg UK, said: “This is something of a world-first. Adult participation in video gaming is a truly social activity, on a par with cinema and music. We’re proud to work with Bethesda to produce a beer Fallout fans can enjoy.”

It's already proving a hit. When I looked on Amazon UK, it was the second best seller in the entire grocery channel behind a 16-pack of Tassimo coffee pods. As all the coolest video game players say: game on.


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