Blog: Chris Brook-CarterConsolidation - it's catching

Chris Brook-Carter | 22 June 2005

As the shadow of Pernod, Allied, Diageo, Fortune and almost every other spirits company in the World fades on the drinks industry, it’s with both joy and relief that the soft drinks and beer companies have kicked in with some news worthy of the front page.

Reports over the weekend have suggested that a private equity company, KKR, is planning to buy Cadbury Schweppes’ soft drinks business and merge it with Britvic, which it also intends to snap up. At the same time, the rumour mill has cranked up a gear in the long-running saga over Colombian brewer Bavaria, with SABMiller and Heineken supposedly leading the field.

While Britvic has dismissed the rumours, and SABMiller and Heineken remain tight-lipped, there’s nothing like a bout of tongue-wagging to get reporters scrabbling over each other. All the more so when both sectors have been so quiet of late, the soft drinks industry in particular.

So, while the Cadbury Schweppes and Britvic story might drag on for a while and, as one source told just-drinks, “the Bavaria situation is more likely to be settled over months than weeks,” we here at just-drinks welcome you all back to the gossip pages.

Long may it continue.


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