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Chris Mercer | 3 August 2010

The bearded overlords at the Campaign for Real Ale have named the best beer in the UK as Harvest Pale from Nottingham's Castle Rock Brewery.

Well, it's been named as the best real ale. And, bearing in mind that most CAMRA members would rather drink petrol than any beer that has been styled as a 'brand', this competition probably doesn't even include all ales.

Still, as a Nottingham-born lad, this news caught my eye today.
Castle Rock Brewery is one of several small-time brewers that are, alongside the likes of Greene King, driving renewed interest in ale in the UK.

CAMRA released a survey to mark the opening of the Great British Beer Festival in London today and it shows that more and more adults have at least sampled real ale.

In the midlands, the heartland of several brewers from Castle Rock to Marston's to Molson Coors, almost two thirds of adults surveyed by CAMRA said they had tried real ale. This compares to only a third two years ago.

In the Northeast of the England, around three quarters of adults have sampled real ale, up from one in three two years ago.

Of course, we don't know how many of these people actually drink real ale on a regular basis. But, with more breweries in operation in the UK than at any time since the Second World War, there are clearly positive signs at a time when the beer market as a whole is under pressure.


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