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By: Chris Brook-Carter - 9 December 2003 11:59

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Innovation, the watchword of the soft drinks industry in the last two years, with Vanilla Coke, Mountain Livewire, Sprite Tropical Remix and now chicken and corn-flavoured water.

The latest offering in flavour extensions comes from Australia and is an effort to extend the packaged water segment into the pet food sector. Other flavours will include liver and bacon and beef.

Ten out of ten for lateral thinking to Andrew Larkey who came up with the idea for Dog Plus K-9 water, though one might question the reasoning of those who are purchasing it.

Larkey though dismisses any doubts over his product. "It's like a sports drink for dogs," he says. "Dogs get bored with plain water - they deserve variety just as much as people."

Larkey plans a similar line of drinks for cats, in roast chicken and pork flavors early next year.

People can safely drink it as well, apparently, although Larkey concedes it probably won't be a hit with humans.

That said he did confirm that he had developed "a bit of a taste for it myself".

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