Blog: Olly WehringA clear answer to the festive sore head

Olly Wehring | 23 December 2009

Ah, the traditional sounds of Christmas – those intolerable seasonal pop songs played over and over in shopping centres, warnings of the UK transports system's imminent collapse from the cold and the annual debate in offices the world over about how to avoid, cure or battle the festive hangover.

Well, you'll be pleased to know that this debate can now be put to bed, at least where two drinks are concerned.

Drinking whisky will result in a worse hangover than vodka, according to research carried out by scientists at the US's Brown University.

Molecules known as "congeners" are to blame, it seems, and whisky has more of them than vodka.

However, just in case those of you who usually toast in the office Christmas party with Laphroaig thought you might have the answer to the miseries of being at your desk the next day, the research goes on to warn that sticking to vodka all night rather than whisky would not improve your performance at work the following day.

I can vouch for that.


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