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SodaStream machine just missing a back rub - CEO

SodaStream is to raise the stakes in the battle for the home carbonation market with a platform that dispenses both hot and cold drinks....

Spirits - Where does 'Craft' End and 'Mass' Begin?

In spirits, the craft segment is making hay, with consumers buying into the category's more artisanal, less global approach. But, where is t...

CSD sales set to shine - Coca-Cola Co CEO

The CEO of Coca-Cola Co has said the next decade will provide a “tremendous” growth opportunity for sparkling beverages, as global consumers...

PepsiCo eyes measured approach to home platforms

PepsiCo's CFO has said he expects the at-home carbonation category, which includes the Coca-Cola Co's newly-named Keurig Kold, to be a “slow...

Latest Interviews

Interview - PepsiCo chief scientific officer, Pt 2 22 Jul 2014

Olly Wehring

Last week, we published the first part of our interview with Dr Mehmood Khan, chief scientific officer at PepsiCo and head of global research & development. Here, in the second and final part, Dr Khan gives us a tour of the inner workings of PepsiCo's R&D approach and defines success and failure for his department.

Interview - PepsiCo chief scientific officer 10 Jul 2014

Olly Wehring

Late last month, editor Olly Wehring spoke with Dr Mehmood Khan, chief scientific officer at PepsiCo. In part one of this interview, Khan discusses the changing role of Research & Development in recent years, and where R&D sits in the company's armoury for growth.

Latest News

NPD: Pisco Portón's La Caravedo 27 Feb 15

James Wilmore

Pisco Portón has added a new expression to its portfolio in a bid to highlight the “versatility” of the white spirit.

E&J Gallo's Barefoot Refresh range 27 Feb 15

Olly Wehring

E&J Gallo has lined up the UK release of the Refresh extension of its Barefoot wine brand.

BrewDog's Vagabond Gluten Free Pale Ale 27 Feb 15

Olly Wehring

Scottish brewer BrewDog is releasing a gluten-free beer in the UK.

Pernod Ricard's Havana Club Union 26 Feb 15

James Wilmore

Pernod Ricard has launched a new premium expression of its Havana Club rum brand in collaboration with Cuban cigar producer Cohiba.

Britvic eyes Europe for alcohol syrup mixers 25 Feb 15

Andy Morton

Britvic is to launch its alcohol syrup mixers across Europe in what it describes as a “big opportunity” for the company.

NPD - Edrington's Highland Park Odin 25 Feb 15

Andy Morton

Edrington has lined up the launch of the fourth release in its Valhalla collection for the Highland Park Scotch whisky brand.

Latest blogs

Coca-Cola courts controversy over milk ad 5 Dec 14

James Wilmore

Advertising can be a strange beast.

Has beer gone to the dogs? Will it make you feel ruff? Has it got... OH, FORGET IT! 21 Nov 14

Olly Wehring

I've stopped short of covering it as a product launch story on just-drinks, but take a look at this. Released this month in the UK, Snuffle Dog Beer is already available in 25 markets.

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