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What does Brexit mean for drinks trademarks?

The UK's pending departure from the European Union has raised a variety of uncertainties for the drinks industry, not least how to ensure it...

Are full-sugar soft drinks the new niche?

Has the sugar tax changed the playing field so much that full-sugar is now considered a niche selling point for soft drinks? Lucy Britner ta...

Major spirits brands dodge the US tariff bullet

Last week, the US Government announced a list of imported European goods that from 18 October will be subject to extra tariffs. The list, wh...

Trump hands Mexican headache to US importers

Constellation Brands, Casa Cuervo and Diageo will be among the drinks companies holding their breath in the coming days, hoping that Preside...

Latest Interviews

"There are some bright sides to Brexit" - Interview, Miles Beale, chief executive, UK Wine & Spirit Trade Association - Part II 26 Jan 2017

Olly Wehring

In this, the second part of our interview the head of the UK's Wine & Spirit Trade Association, Miles Beale looks beyond the European Union and sees cause for optimism, despite the uncertainty of recent months.

"We're all Brexiteers now" - Interview, Miles Beale, chief executive, UK Wine & Spirit Trade Association - Part I 26 Jan 2017

Olly Wehring

Earlier this week, just-drinks met with Miles Beale, the head of the UK's Wine & Spirit Trade Association, to discuss all things Brexit. In the first of this two-part interview, Beale looks back at how the country's wine and spirits categories have responded to the referendum vote in June that will see the UK leave the European Union.

Latest News

Utah gets 5%-abv Budweiser after rule change 4 Nov 19

Andy Morton

Anheuser-Busch InBev has started selling 5%-abv Budweiser in Utah after the state allowed an increase in the legal limit of alcohol strength in beer.

US trade group demands stronger rules in "Wild West" CBD market 30 Oct 19

Andy Morton

A US food and beverage trade group has branded the CBD market the "Wild West" and called for tighter regulation to pave the way for leading brands.

UK Government puts nine-month hold on post-Brexit wine import documentation 22 Oct 19

Andy Morton

European Union wine importers to the UK will deal with lower-than-feared levels of red tape following the latter's departure, after the UK Government agreed to temporarily suspend import certification requirements.

Single malt Scotch risks sales plunge as US tariffs kick in 21 Oct 19

Andy Morton

A US tariff on single malt Scotch whisky could see exports to the country drop by one-fifth in the next year, the Scotch Whisky Association has warned.

Singapore lines up sugary soft drinks advert ban 14 Oct 19

Thandie Sibanda

Singapore is to ban advertising for high-sugar drinks.

Coca-Cola European Partners calls for cross-border alignment in UK deposit return scheme 11 Oct 19

Andy Morton

The UK head of Coca-Cola European Partners has warned that any earlier implementation of a deposit return scheme in Scotland compared to the rest of Great Britain would cause "significant logistical and manufacturing challenges" for the soft drinks industry.

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