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How the sugar tax has transformed soft drinks

Last week, the UK introduced its version of the sugar tax. But, as soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett explains, the fall-out from the m...

Responsible drinking issues around the world

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, looks at...

Helping poorer US consumers will harm soft drinks

Carbonated soft drinks companies are used to navigating choppy waters, especially in the US where sales have been declining since 2003, acco...

Why MUP could be a win for consumers & industry

Towards the end of last year, the UK Supreme Court ruled that Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) could proceed in Scotland. The decision has prompte...

Latest Interviews

"There are some bright sides to Brexit" - Interview, Miles Beale, chief executive, UK Wine & Spirit Trade Association - Part II 26 Jan 2017

Olly Wehring

In this, the second part of our interview the head of the UK's Wine & Spirit Trade Association, Miles Beale looks beyond the European Union and sees cause for optimism, despite the uncertainty of recent months.

"We're all Brexiteers now" - Interview, Miles Beale, chief executive, UK Wine & Spirit Trade Association - Part I 26 Jan 2017

Olly Wehring

Earlier this week, just-drinks met with Miles Beale, the head of the UK's Wine & Spirit Trade Association, to discuss all things Brexit. In the first of this two-part interview, Beale looks back at how the country's wine and spirits categories have responded to the referendum vote in June that will see the UK leave the European Union.

Latest News

Low-, no-alcohol segment in need of "clarity and consistency" in UK - Portman Group 21 May 18

Olly Wehring

UK industry organisation The Portman Group has called for a simplification of low- and no-alcohol descriptors in the country, as existing regulations are set to expire.

Beefeater Pink gives train travellers strawberry-scented journey 16 May 18

Olly Wehring

Pernod Ricard’s UK unit has launched a scented out-of-home marketing push for the group’s recently-released flavour extension of its Beefeater gin brand.

Nigeria prepares for alcohol duty increases 30 Apr 18

Samuel Okocha

Pending rises in alcohol excise duty in Nigeria have drawn the ire of both drinks companies and trade unions in the country.

Sugar tax - "We have got to look forward" - Coca-Cola European Partners CEO Damian Gammell 27 Apr 18

Lucy Britner

The CEO of Coca-Cola European Partners has said the group must focus on the future, rather than bemoan the recent introduction of the sugar tax in the UK.

UK sugar levy slashes taxable soft drinks volumes to 12% - study 12 Apr 18

Andy Morton

The percentage of soft drinks that sit above the new UK sugar tax halved in the run up to the levy's introduction, a new report says.

Wine Australia hails new powers to protect wine exports  4 Apr 18

Lucy Britner

New regulations came into force this week giving Wine Australia greater scope to protect the reputation of the country's wines. 

Latest blogs

Small measures required as Philadelphia soda tax adds up 4 Jan 17

Andy Morton

Philadelphia’s soda tax came into force on Sunday, and is reportedly causing a stir in the city's check-out aisles.

Prohibition hangover lingers despite Ontario's shift 18 Dec 15

Andy Morton

This week, consumers in Ontario were able to go into a supermarket and buy beer.

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