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Chris Losh

Comment - Wine - South African Attitude Shines at Beautiful South

8 October 2013 | Chris Losh

Last month's Beautiful South tasting, hosted by Wines of Argentina, Wines of Chile and Wines of South Africa, gave Chris Losh the chance to compare and contrast the attitudes of the three wine-producing nations. This time around, it was the South Africans that impressed the most.... read more

Comment - Wine - Europe: Vineyard Expansion to Balance Supply & Demand?

8 August 2013 | Chris Losh

Earlier this Summer, the European Union finally agreed on a reform of the region's Common Agriculture Policy. The reform has ramifications for Europe's wine producers. Chris Losh casts his eye over the changes.... read more

Comment - Wine - Amorim, O-I and Helix: Turning the Screwcap?

1 July 2013 | Chris Losh

Chris Losh may not have been the biggest fan of Amorim, but the company's launch of the screwtop-style cork closure last month has Losh slightly more onside than before. Just.... read more

Comment - Wine Needs Mavericks to Help it be Top Gun

4 June 2013 | Chris Losh

How can the wine industry shake-off its navel-gazing, elitist image? Embrace the unusual and the revolutionary, argues Chris Losh ... read more

Comment - Wine - Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

2 May 2013 | Chris Losh

Whether global warming is fact or fantasy, the wine world is hit hard whenever temperatures don't behave themselves. To mitigate such circumstances, some producers are looking to lesser-known regions - such as Tasmania - for future grape growth. Chris Losh digs deeper.... read more

Comment - Wine - Our Survey Said...?

4 April 2013 | Chris Losh

Last month, Chris Losh was one of the experts on just-drinks' ‘state of the industry’ webinar. While the webinar looked at the drinks industry as a whole, Chris thinks the results provide plenty of food for thought for the wine companies of this world.... read more

Comment - Wine - The Perils of Scaling The Chinese Wall

7 March 2013 | Chris Losh

The wine world is looking east for the next big market. China has caught everyone's eye, thanks to some mind-blowing numbers of late. But, scratch the surface and, Chris Losh warns, there are still many rivers to cross to get to the promised land.... read more

Comment - Wine - The UK: Land of... What's the Opposite of Plenty?

5 February 2013 | Chris Losh

Just over two years ago, Chris Losh suggested that the UK was poised to lose its place as the most dynamic wine market in the world. This month, he suggests, things have gone from bad to worse, with no end to the grimness in sight.... read more

Comment - Wine - Losh's Chris-tal Ball - Part II

15 January 2013 | Chris Losh

After last week's look at what the first six months of 2013 has in store for the wine industry, Chris Losh considers the second half of the year. Prepare yourself for yet more insight and analysis from our resident wine bard.... read more

Comment - Wine - Losh's Chris-tal Ball

10 January 2013 | Chris Losh

Having looked back at Chris Losh's predictions for 2012 a year ago, his success rate is clearly wobbly. Here's hoping in this, the first part of his preview of 2013, he takes it a bit more seriously. Eh? Oh.... read more

Comment - Wine - Chardonnay, Nay and Thrice Nay

22 November 2012 | Chris Losh

About as fashionable as Chris Losh's dress sense, the time is right for Chardonnay to step back up to the plate and show consumers what they're missing. Losh, for one, can see a potentially bright future for the varietal.... read more

Comment - Wine - Tough Harvests Lead to Moment of Truth

30 October 2012 | Chris Losh

Reports out of the northern hemisphere's wine-producing regions has suggested that this year's harvest has been rather different to previous years'. Chris Losh takes a look at what this could mean on the shop floor.... read more

NZ: Bulk price leap threatens New Zealand lower-end wines

16 October 2012 | Chris Losh

A doubling in the price of bulk wine could put an end to cheap wines – particularly Sauvignon Blanc – from New Zealand, according to wine growers in the country’s main grape growing region, Marlborough.... read more

Comment - Wine - South Africa: The Only Way is Ethics

25 September 2012 | Chris Losh

Today is the first day of Cape Wine, the three-day bi-ennial trade fair for South Africa's wine producers. To mark the event, Chris Losh takes a closer look at the latest move by the country to highlight its ethical credentials.... read more

Comment - Wine - The Olympics and their Wine Equivalents

30 August 2012 | Chris Losh

Chris Losh has clearly spent the bulk of July and August glued firmly to his television. Charged with writing his monthly column for just-drinks, then, and he'd be forgiven for giving it an Olympic slant.... read more

Comment - Wine - Scoring Wine: It Might Feel Wrong, but it's Right

31 July 2012 | Chris Losh

Rating wine divides opinion. Some industry types feel squeamish about reducing a bottle to score out of 100. But, here, our wine commentator, Chris Losh, argues that rating systems are popular with consumers, and should therefore be embraced.... read more

Comment - Wine - Reduced ABV: Something for Everyone

3 July 2012 | Chris Losh

The reduction of abv in the wine category in the UK has been peddled by some in the industry as an innovation. While that may be open to debate, Chris Losh believes there can be no argument that the move, if done right, could benefit everyone. But, there's still a long way to go.... read more

Comment - Wine - Off-Trade a Turn-Off for the On-Trade

12 June 2012 | Chris Losh

The barrier between the on-trade and the off-trade for wine companies is so high as to be insurmountable. But, Chris Losh argues, its very presence is blocking a lucrative opportunity.... read more

Comment - Wine - Social Media: Does Twitter Chatter Equal Sales Patter?

15 May 2012 | Chris Losh

This month, Chris Losh looks at the role of social media in the conversation between producers and consumers, and concludes that talk on Twitter does not necessarily equate to buying more bottles.... read more

Comment - Wine - Minimum Pricing: For Richer, For Poorer?

17 April 2012 | Chris Losh

The spectre of minimum pricing for alcohol took physical form in the UK last month. Chris Losh is confused, however: Will the poor get hit harder than the richer in UK society? And, if so, will the move really achieve the desired aim?... read more

Comment - Wine - Don't Go Changin'...

15 March 2012 | Chris Losh

This month, Chris Losh, has hit a wall. The wine industry isn't what it was for Chris. But, he's trying to look on the bright side: While there is limited scope for wine styles to 'do different', that's not to say that nothing can be done.... read more

Comment - Wine - Trade Tastings: Small is Beautiful

14 February 2012 | Chris Losh

In the olden days, when it came to wine tasting events for the trade, big was better. Here, in 2012, however, greater returns are coming from the smaller meet-ups, rather than the catch-alls. That's what Chris Losh reckons.... read more

Comment - Wine - Losh's Chris-tal Ball

19 January 2012 | Chris Losh

It's the week of forecasts on just-drinks this week. On Tuesday, Ian Buxton considered what 2012 will bring for the world of whisky. Today, Chris Losh looks at what the next 12 months will provide for all you wine producers out there. Note: Some of the following might not happen.... read more

Comment - Wine - European Wine Producers of a Nervous Disposition, Look Away Now

2 December 2011 | Chris Losh

As the festive season approaches, Chris Losh was hoping to give you, dear reader, a heartwarming gift in this, his last comment of the year. But, there's little likelihood that the grim reality on his doorstep will let him spend too much on a gift. No matter how badly you, dear reader, could do with one.... read more

Comment - Wine - Will Consumers Follow Prices North?

27 October 2011 | Chris Losh

Wine prices in the UK are soon to break a new barrier, research shows, but will consumers continue to pay? And, is the trade doing enough to keep them on-side? Chris Losh reports from a supermarket wine aisle, somewhere in Middle England.... read more

Comment - Wine - Bordeaux's Marketing Challenge

21 October 2011 | Chris Losh

With humble apologies, but an administrative error meant that Chris Losh's September thoughts didn't make it last month. Here they are, though, finally. Chris' October musings follow next week. Meanwhile, marvel at how excited Chris gets at news of a marketing appointment.... read more

Comment - Wine - Gerard Depardieu: The New Face of Wine?

18 August 2011 | Chris Losh

Has wine entered a new age of romanticism, shunning the regimental order eschewed by multinational corporate machines? Chris Losh considers the recent rush to sell assets, including Brown-Forman's sale of Fetzer to Concha y Toro - and wonders what Gerard Depardieu might make of it all.... read more

Comment - Wine - EU to Uncork a Vine Old Mess

5 July 2011 | Chris Losh

There are growing concerns that plans to liberalise vineyard planting across the European Union will hamper the bloc's attempt to rid itself of surplus, cheap wine. It's an issue that has yielded an entente cordiale between Chris Losh and the French Government. Things must be bad.... read more

Comment - Wine - LIWF 2011: How's the Patient Doing?

31 May 2011 | Chris Losh

After a week of therapy, detoxing and early nights, Chris Losh appears to finally be over this year’s London International Wine Fair. And, with so much of the wine world under one roof, he's been able to take a long, hard look at how the global wine trade is looking in 2011.... read more

Comment - Wine - Shooting the Messenger the Wine Industry's Speciality

17 May 2011 | Chris Losh

Although we're a little late in covering this, the London International Wine Fair this week gives us the ideal hook to let Chris Losh loose on a survey, announced last month, that saw the wine industry here in the UK queue up to shoot the messenger.... read more

Comment - Wine - Bordeaux En Primeur: If You Thought 2009 Was Good...?

29 March 2011 | Chris Losh

With Bordeaux's en primeur tastings set for early next month, Chris Losh has been taking a look at how the 2010 vintage is shaping up. After 2009's extraordinary performance, thanks mainly to the far east, how does the land lie for the latest from the Bordelais?... read more

Comment - Wine - Wine Trade Pressure Group Misses Some Targets

1 March 2011 | Chris Losh

The arrival of March sees Chris Losh, as ever, in a contrary state. This month, he casts his embittered eye over a recently-created pressure group in the UK, which is looking to shake things up in the country's wine arena.... read more

Comment - Wine - Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

1 February 2011 | Chris Losh

We here at just-drinks could never condone applying make-up to the faces of farm animals. Chris Losh, however, is a stickler for such details - especially if it provides a suitable analogy for the global wine market.... read more

Comment – Wine – What's Definitely Going to Happen in 2011

6 January 2011 | Chris Losh

As the old year decomposes slowly in its flat, forgotten by family and neighbours alike, and the newly-born one has its buttocks metaphorically slapped by the midwife of hope, Chris Losh takes his annual look at the stories you can definitely expect to be reading about in 2011.... read more

Comment - Wine - UK Not OK. So, Where Now?

8 December 2010 | Chris Losh

The UK used to be able to boast that it was the most dynamic wine market in the world. But, with ruthless supermarkets and an economic downturn, the country has lost its shine. Where are the wine companies to look next? Chris Losh would like to suggest where not to look.... read more