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Chris Losh

The Losh Cause – Bold reform on the way… at last

3 July 2006 | Chris Losh

Long-awaited draft proposals for EU wine reform get tough on sub-standard growers while freeing market-aware producers from regulatory fetters that have stifled innovation for too long. Chris Losh hopes the measures are adopted swiftly rather than becoming bogged down in Brussels bureaucracy and politicking.... read more

The Losh Cause – EC looks to get tough on over-production

19 June 2006 | Chris Losh

Chris Losh welcomes the EU Agriculture Commissioner’s recent remarks on wine over-production and distillation subsidies, but fears Mariann Fischer Boel may have her work cut out trying to reform a system which has been going so wrong for so long.... read more

The Losh Cause – Tasting confirms new world order, again

29 May 2006 | Chris Losh

A tasting pitting the finest Bordeaux wines against their Californian counterparts confirmed what many in the wine world have known for years but some in Europe still choose to deny - that the New World can match and often surpass the Old in every market segment, right up to the very top. Chris Losh sets them straight.... read more

The Losh Cause – Diageo’s original take on Australia

19 May 2006 | Chris Losh

It may have taken Diageo a long time to move into the Australian wine sector but now it finally has, with the launch of its 7th Continent brand, it cannot be accused of simply following the crowd. Chris Losh assesses Diageo’s original approach to the Australian wine market.... read more

The Losh Cause - Excellent 2005 wines unlikely to rescue Bordeaux

8 May 2006 | Chris Losh

The quality of the 2005 en primeur wines has given Bordeaux some good news to report at last. Chris Losh writes that the new wines are genuinely worthy of the wine trade’s effusive welcome but, taken as a whole, Bordeaux’s current situation provides precious little cause for celebration.... read more

The Losh Cause - Constellation-Vincor

19 April 2006 | Chris Losh

Constellation Brands paid a high price for Vincor International but Chris Losh believes the potential for Kumala in the US alone goes a long way to justifying the investment.... read more

The Losh Cause

14 March 2006 | Chris Losh

Chris Losh takes a look at two new product innovations in the drinks business which severely test his sympathy for those charged with the difficult task of coming up with new ideas.... read more

The Losh Cause

27 February 2006 | Chris Losh

Having seen New World wine producers overtake them in so many markets, one would imagine that the Old World must surely by now have realised the merits of modern wine marketing. But Chris Losh believes they still need to wake up and smell the coffee.... read more

The Losh Cause

14 February 2006 | Chris Losh

As the Australian wine industry grapples with the problems of over-production and grower unrest, Chris Losh reflects on over-ambitious forecasts made during the boom years and the options facing shell-shocked farmers and wineries in these tough times.... read more

The Losh Cause

30 January 2006 | Chris Losh

Could the days of the wine export manager really be numbered? Chris Losh looks at UK wine agency Bibendum’s recent initiative which sees it effectively take over the European representation of three brands, and asks whether it represents the shape of things to come.... read more

The Losh Cause

23 January 2006 | Chris Losh

While some big wine brands have looked to build an on-trade presence in the last couple of years, the emphasis remains on gaining and retaining major supermarket listings. Chris Losh expects this to continue, which may mean big wine groups discarding some of their smaller labels over the next year.... read more

The Losh Cause

20 December 2005 | Chris Losh

Having been acquired by DM Private Equity in March with promises of a new dawn, the UK drinks retailer Unwins has gone into administration after an eleventh hour bid to find a new buyer or come up with a satisfactory refinancing plan failed. Chris Losh reports.... read more

The Losh Cause

5 December 2005 | Chris Losh

The media-led moral panic in the UK over the introduction of liberalised licensing laws shows just how easily the drinks industry can be cast as malevolent and pernicious. Chris Losh sees this as an over-reaction but asks if the industry itself must take some of the blame when it is seen in this light.... read more

The Losh Cause

1 November 2005 | Chris Losh

Global sales of Scotch whisky may have recently gone through the GBP1bn barrier but, writes Chris Losh, worries over declining volumes in major markets such as France and Spain have resulted in cautious and qualified celebrations of this milestone.... read more

The Losh Cause

18 October 2005 | Chris Losh

Chris Losh went to the South African Mega Tasting, held recently in London, and found that the show, designed to promote the country’s wines to the wider European trade, was well organised and interesting but lacking in one small detail, namely the presence of the European trade.... read more

The Losh Cause

27 September 2005 | Chris Losh

Chris Losh laments the capitulation of the EU negotiating team in the recent wine trade negotiations with the US, and asks whether Europe may have to make further even more generous concessions in the future to ensure continued access to the valuable US wine market.... read more

The Losh Cause

5 September 2005 | Chris Losh

Having crashed and burned spectacularly in the Far East as economic crises struck at its affluent core market, Cognac is re-inventing itself in the region, courting new consumers and building for a sustainable future, writes Chris Losh.... read more

The Losh Cause

23 August 2005 | Chris Losh

Having been something of a European institution for years, the end of duty-free, the lowering of some Nordic duty rates and cheaper prices in domestic supermarkets have combined to reduce the allure of the booze cruise. Chris Losh reflects on the dwindling popularity of this European tradition.... read more

The Losh Cause

29 July 2005 | Chris Losh

I'm not one naturally to side with the hugely rich and influential, but I can't help but feel a twinge of sympathy for those members of the Taittinger clan who wanted to keep the family business. Alas, they are very much in a minority and were unable to prevent the sale of Taittinger to the American investment group Starwood Capital for E2.8bn.... read more

The Losh Cause

18 July 2005 | Chris Losh

Just-drinks’ resident wine columnist, Chris Losh, bemoans the lack of a concerted generic approach on the part of the Italian wine industry in the key UK market.... read more

The Losh Cause

20 June 2005 | Chris Losh

For the first time in about 10 years, Chris Losh will not be at Vinexpo, and there is clearly plenty about the biennial wine show that he will not be missing.... read more

The Losh Cause

6 June 2005 | Chris Losh

The last month has seen the launch of two prestige wines from South Africa, not hitherto a region renowned for super-premium offerings. But if these two take off, Chris Losh expects to see more super-premium contenders from The Cape.... read more

The Losh Cause

13 May 2005 | Chris Losh

In a new regular column, Chris Losh, formerly editor of the magazines, Wine and Spirit International and Wine International, gives his take on current issues in the global beverage business. This month, the question of over-production in the Australian wine industry grabs his attention.... read more

Trouble on two fronts for Scotch whisky

5 April 2005 | Chris Losh

The latest export figures for Scotch whisky make uncomfortable reading for brand marketers and the strategists at the Scotch Whisky Association, showing declines in both Asian and European markets. Chris Losh reports. ... read more

IFE: Innovation on display

18 March 2005 | Chris Losh

The IFE food and drink exhibition, held in the UK earlier this month, does not attract major international soft drinks groups like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. But the show demonstrates just how much innovation can be seen among small and medium-sized producers, often pointing the way for the industry as a whole. Annette Sessions took a look around.... read more