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Chris Losh

Where have all wine's young guns gone? - Comment

10 November 2016 | Chris Losh

As the drinks world is lit up by new spins on established sectors, Chris Losh considers whether the wine category risks getting left behind by the International Bright Young Things.... read more

Why wine has become a slave to water - Comment

11 October 2016 | Chris Losh

The importance of water in the production of wine has grown in recent years, to such an extent that many wine companies are struggling. Chris Losh considers where irrigation has become a problem issue.... read more

Why China is as much about wine production as wine consumption - Comment

8 September 2016 | Chris Losh

Looking through the mist, Chris Losh can see China's wine production efforts becoming of greater importance to the wine world than the country's potential to consume the stuff.... read more

Why Brexit is a disaster for the wine category - Comment

5 July 2016 | Chris Losh

The UK's referendum rejection of the European Union is bad news for the wine trade, the UK and the EU itself, argues Chris Losh as he pores over the entrails of a slaughtered sacred cow in search of enlightenment.... read more

Is the wine industry prepared for the environmental changes ahead? - Comment

9 June 2016 | Chris Losh

Late last month, Chris Losh attended the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium, held in Brighton on the south coast of England. Among the presentations over the three days, delegates heard plenty of talk about the weather - something not uncommon in the UK.... read more

Is the wine industry confusing its consumers? - Comment

3 May 2016 | Chris Losh

This month, Chris Losh considers trends in the wine industry that risk at best confusing consumers or, at worst, alienating them altogether.... read more

Is the wine industry guilty of talking only to itself? - Comment

5 April 2016 | Chris Losh

As long-standing a wine commentator as Chris Losh has seen trends come and go. But, how successful has the wine category been at following - or even setting - these trends?... read more

Is the end nigh for Sauvignon Blanc? - Comment

15 March 2016 | Chris Losh

This month, Chris Losh looks at Sauvignon Blanc, a varietal synonymous with - and dominant in - New Zealand. Has Sauvignon Blanc hit the top and had to stop?... read more

Australia's wine industry pays present price for past failures - Comment

4 February 2016 | Chris Losh

This month, Chris Losh turns his attention to the Australian wine industry, and finds a country struggling with scant opportunities and structural problems in its number one export market.... read more

The wine category in 2016 - Losh's Predictions Part II - Comment

19 January 2016 | Chris Losh

Following on from his predictions for the first six months of 2016 for the wine category earlier this month, Chris Losh continues here, with the second and final part of his look at what he feels will shape the wine landscape in the year ahead.... read more

The wine category in 2016 - Losh's Predictions - Comment

6 January 2016 | Chris Losh

As we wave through the start of 2016, Chris Losh presents his annual look at what he expects will shape the wine landscape in the year ahead. Or not.... read more

Dear wine writer, what on earth are you talking about? - Comment

6 November 2015 | Chris Losh

Earlier this autumn, Andrew Jefford wrote a short piece about ‘how to write tasting notes’. It was - rather like a good tasting note - short, to the point and full of useful advice: Go easy on the ‘fruit salad’ descriptors, talk about structure and balance as well as flavour, let us know whether you like it, etc.... read more

Is the time right for Treasury Wine Estates to swoop for Diageo's wine business? - Comment

6 October 2015 | Chris Losh

It’s hard to believe now, but when Diageo acquired Seagram’s wine operations in late-2000, it was seen as a real opportunity; exciting even. Spirits, after all, were sluggish at the time, whereas wine was in impressive growth in the US and Europe. This, it was felt at the time, could be a niched, but prestigious, addition to the business.... read more

But, where are we going to sell our wine? - Comment

10 September 2015 | Chris Losh

Problems in China have spooked the wine industry in recent months. Chris Losh takes a look at what has gone wrong in the country, and where else wine producers could look to sell their wares.... read more

Champagne Gains in the Battle for Sparkling Success - Comment

13 July 2015 | Chris Losh

The ever-expanding world of sparkling wine is dominated by Champagne and Prosecco, but the two attract different drinkers and new sparklers will have their work cut out to find their place, according to Chris Losh.... read more

Comment - Wine - Finding a Friend in the Next Wine Trend

4 June 2015 | Chris Losh

Predicting the future is a tricky skill to master. Chris Losh, however, is keen to have a go. Who knows? If his forecasts come off, this time next year, we could all be millionaires.... read more

Comment - Wine - California Drought: An Opportunity, not a Problem?

14 May 2015 | Chris Losh

Another year, another drought in California. Having recently returned from the state, however, Chris Losh suggests that what looks like a dire situation for the wine industry could actually present an opportunity to those keen on tending vines.... read more

Comment – Wine - The Rising Profile of Lower ABV Wine

9 April 2015 | Chris Losh

The low-alcohol wine segment has been around for a while now, but has thus far failed to win over too many fans. Things are changing, however, with consumers' taste preferences driving the sub-category to higher ground. Chris Losh delves deeper.... read more

Comment - Wine - Bordeaux's En Primeur on a Knife Edge

5 March 2015 | Chris Losh

Stubbornly high release prices from Bordeaux's chateaux in recent years have put huge pressure on merchants and negociants alike. Chris Losh asks, what's gone wrong with en primeur?... read more

Comment - Wine - New World's Battle to be Taken Seriously

5 February 2015 | Chris Losh

While the New World has made hay at the volume end of the global market, many of the Southern Hemisphere's wine producers find themselves at a crossroads, with efforts to encourage trading-up battling against consumers' perceptions. Chris Losh takes a look at the quandary facing the likes of Australia, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa.... read more

Comment - Wine - Losh's Chris-tal Ball: 2015 - Part II

15 January 2015 | Chris Losh

Following Chris Losh's look at what he thinks will hit the wine industry in the first half of this year, our wine commentator returns with his forecasts for the latter six months of 2015.... read more

Comment - Wine - Losh's Chris-tal Ball: 2015 - Part I

8 January 2015 | Chris Losh

As we brave the dawn of 2015, Chris Losh presents his annual look at what he expects will shape the wine landscape in the year ahead. Or not.... read more

Comment - Wine - Treasury Wine Estates, PLB, Bibendum: Finally Lively in Wine

6 November 2014 | Chris Losh

This month, Chris Losh not only welcomes a spate of M&A activity in the wine world, he positively bathes in it, with Treasury WIne Estates, PLB and Bibendum feeling the warmth of his spotlight.... read more

Comment - Wine - Three Questions the Drinks Industry Needs to Find Answers To

16 October 2014 | Chris Losh

As the alcoholic drinks industry emerges bruised and battered from media and health lobby attacks, Chris Losh offers three questions for us all to consider.... read more

Comment - Wine - Can the New World Learn a Lesson from the Old?

16 September 2014 | Chris Losh

This month, Chris Losh turns his attention to Chile, a wine-producing nation that could be on the cusp of something big, provided it looks to the past to help model its future.... read more

Comment - Wine - Not on the List

10 July 2014 | Chris Losh

This month, Chris Losh sets his sights on wine lists and finds a world of unnecessary complexity. Does it have to be this way?... read more

Comment - Wine - The Dangers of Natural Wine

3 June 2014 | Chris Losh

Chris Losh has had a rather unsavoury moment with a natural wine. Brace yourselves.... read more

Comment - Wine - How Would You Like to Pay? Cash, Card or 'Phone?

8 May 2014 | Chris Losh

A self-confessed Luddite, Chris Losh has had his eyes opened this month to the future of transaction payment. Could the smartphone be the silver bullet for the wine industry?... read more

Comment - Wine - Old World Problems Proffer New World Opportunity

8 April 2014 | Chris Losh

In recent years, the wine producers from the Old World have struggled with weak harvests. The issue has provided a perfect opportunity for the New World to make hay. But, how successful have the likes of Argentina, Australia, Chile and New Zealand been? Chris Losh takes a look.... read more

Comment - Wine - Pushing the Moderate Message

11 March 2014 | Chris Losh

Ahead of next week's UK Budget, Chris Losh bemoans the fiscal pressures placed on the drinks industry. Could we not trumpet our good sides, he asks?... read more

Comment - Wine - China's Wine Wave and Spirits' Lessons

6 February 2014 | Chris Losh

With recent claims that China has become the world’s biggest consumer of red wine, Chris Losh considers what wine producers can learn from the current travails facing international spirits companies in the country.... read more

Comment - Wine - Losh's Chris-tal Ball: 2014. Part II

16 January 2014 | Chris Losh

Here, for your delectation, is part two of Chris Losh's predictions for the wine world in 2014. Part one can be found here.... read more

Comment - Wine - Losh's Chris-tal Ball: 2014

7 January 2014 | Chris Losh

As his annual preview of the year ahead for the wine world has begun to take on mythical status within the industry, Chris Losh is loathe to tamper with a winning formula. We present, then, Chris's look at what the first six months of 2014 have in store for wine.... read more

Comment - Wine - A World Wine Shortage? Bunkum, at Best

4 November 2013 | Chris Losh

Suggestions were made in the world's press last week that wine consumers had a new worry, above the prospect of minimum pricing, making decisions on the best closure and too-high or too-low abv options. Chris Losh looks at how the panic exploded, then considers just how ludicrous the suggestion truly is.... read more

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Santa Rita's Bougainville 2010

18 October 2013 | Chris Losh

Santa Rita's Bougainville 2010... read more