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Chris Losh

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Santa Rita's Bougainville 2010

18 October 2013 | Chris Losh

Santa Rita's Bougainville 2010... read more

NZ: Bulk price leap threatens New Zealand lower-end wines

16 October 2012 | Chris Losh

A doubling in the price of bulk wine could put an end to cheap wines – particularly Sauvignon Blanc – from New Zealand, according to wine growers in the country’s main grape growing region, Marlborough.... read more

FRANCE: Bernard Magrez bids for Bordeaux chateau

24 February 2010 | Chris Losh

Wine magnate Bernard Magrez is believed to have made a six-figure offer for the prestigious Bordeaux estate, Chateau Beychevelle.... read more

The Losh Cause - Gin’s future at stake in explosion of flavour

15 April 2008 | Chris Losh

Ensuring that a category actually tastes how it should, might seem a fairly fundamental requirement in the drinks industry. But are there brands exploiting the name of gin and undermining its long-term health? Chris Losh believes so and makes a call for stricter adherence to gin’s heritage.... read more

Comment - The Losh Cause – Ageing disgracefully

20 December 2007 | Chris Losh

While it may be acceptable for people to be a little vague about their age, Chris Losh believes loose terminology about age on bottles of wine or spirits is deliberately misleading consumers, and should be stamped out.... read more

UK: Cockspur secures cricket sponsorship deal

3 December 2007 | Chris Losh

Cockspur rum has finalised a GBP1m (US$2.1m) three-year marketing deal with English Test cricket grounds.... read more

Spotlight - Champenois mull over expansion as demand rises

5 June 2007 | Chris Losh

Champagne has a problem very few wine regions currently face. It does not make enough wine to meet demand. Many believe the only way forward is to expand the vineyard area but, writes Chris Losh, expansion would be a political minefield and not all agree that it is the best course of action in any case.... read more

FRANCE: China ahead of France in Cognac table

23 November 2006 | Chris Losh

China has overtaken France in Cognac consumption, according to recent figures.... read more

UK: Tesco buyer attacks uncreative wine industry

19 October 2006 | Chris Losh

The most powerful wine buyer in the UK has slammed the wine industry for being uncreative, slow to learn and failing to talk to consumers in a language that they understand.... read more

S AFRICA: Rand slashes wine exports to UK

6 October 2006 | Chris Losh

The strong rand has had a devastating effect on South Africa’s wine exports to the UK, with sales tumbling by over 1m cases in the last year, according to industry stats obtained by just-drinks.... read more

The Losh Cause – Uncharted Chile offers premium potential

29 August 2006 | Chris Losh

The news that a Chilean winery is acquiring a huge amount of land for vineyard cultivation in areas less well known for winegrowing has caught Chris Losh’s attention. But he believes such developments could offer Chile the chance to compete in higher price echelons where it has so far failed to convince.... read more

UK: Chivas Regal eyes 4m-case mark

5 April 2006 | Chris Losh

Chivas Regal is set to burst through the 4m-case mark and challenge Johnnie Walker Black as the world’s number one premium blended Scotch whisky, according to the brand’s owner, Chivas Brothers.... read more

FRANCE: Guigal attacks dumbing down of French wine industry

27 March 2006 | Chris Losh

Marcel Guigal, one of the most respected figures in the French wine world, has called on the country’s big-name regions to drag the country out of its ‘structural crisis’.... read more

FRANCE: Wine distillation below EU quotas

16 January 2006 | Chris Losh

French wine growers are falling behind in their distillation obligations, according to figures released by the EU.... read more

SPAIN: €20m plans unveiled by Gonzalez Byass

31 May 2005 | Chris Losh

Gonzalez Byass has unveiled a €20m plan intended to make the company a 1m case producer of table wines in the next few years and turn itself into a ‘one stop shop’ for buyers.... read more

UK: Legislation challenge for UK drinks industry

23 May 2005 | Chris Losh

The UK drinks industry is facing a triple-whammy of impending legislation that will fundamentally change the way alcohol is bought and sold over the next few years, according to market analysts Euromonitor.... read more

SA: Wine industry must reassess value position

9 March 2005 | Chris Losh

South Africa needs to fundamentally readdress its position in the wine market, according to an industry report commissioned by Wines of South Africa. The report, entitled The South Africa Cost Competitiveness Study was carried out by wine consultant James Herrick.... read more

S AFRICA: Off-trade disappoints S African wines

3 March 2005 | Chris Losh

Despite burgeoning sales figures in the UK, South Africa is likely to miss most of its targets in its attempts to boost sales of wine above £5, Wines of South Africa (WOSA) admitted today (2 March).... read more

S AFRICA: Pan-European tasting unveiled in London

3 March 2005 | Chris Losh

Just weeks after confirming that it would not be attending Vinexpo, the world’s biggest wine fair in Bordeaux, Wines of South Africa has unveiled its plans to stage a giant pan-European tasting in London later this year.... read more

US: Date set for US/South African wine JV

21 February 2005 | Chris Losh

The launch date has been set for the first South African/American wine joint venture.... read more

CHILE: Winemakers report record year in exports

9 February 2005 | Chris Losh

Chile has recorded a record year of exports in 2004, with global volumes up by 18% to 474m litres.... read more