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Olly Wehring

Anheuser-Busch InBev releases chamoy version of Estrella Jalisco lager in US

9 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

The drinks industry's NPD gold rush continues, with Anheuser-Busch InBev adding another variant to its Estrella Jalisco Mexican lager brand in the US.... read more

If you read only one thing... - This week's must-reads on just-drinks

9 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

Here's a look at the biggest stories and the best content from just-drinks this week.... read more

Ex-Diageo procurement specialist Julia Brown to join Molson Coors Beverage Co board

9 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

Molson Coors Beverage Co has added a former Diageo executive to its board of directors.... read more

Aquilini Brands' Boldr Vodka Soda RTD - Product Launch

9 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

Canada-based Aquilini Brands has lined up a 'vodka soda' RTD from its Boldr Hard Soda Co unit.... read more

Girolamo Luxardo dials down alcohol level of Luxardo Amaretto

9 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

Girolamo Luxardo has updated the look of its namesake amaretto liqueur, with the expression also being the subject of a strength reduction.... read more

Corona beats coronavirus for Constellation Brands in fiscal-2021 - results data

8 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

Constellation Brands continues to come good on its unstated strategy of becoming more of a brewer, as beer sales drove the multi-category group's performance in fiscal-2021.... read more

Sapsucker's Sapsucker Hard, vodka with sparkling tree water RTD - Product Launch

8 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

Canadian sparkling tree water producer Sapsucker has prepared its alcohol debut, announcing a vodka-based RTD for its home market.... read more

AG Barr primes Irn-Bru for lively 2021 after full-year group sales slide - results data

8 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

AG Barr has confirmed its double-digit sales decline in fiscal-2021, with the Irn-Bru brand owner's final quarter pulling markedly on 12-month performance.... read more

Diageo's Brora Scotch whisky distillery return gets US$40,000 single malt collection gift

7 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

Diageo is preparing for the re-opening of its Brora Scotch whisky distillery this year with a three-strong collection of ultra-high-end single malt expressions.... read more

FloWater adds aluminium bottles to water consumption domination efforts in US

7 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

FloWater is stepping beyond its water-delivery platform with an aluminium-bottled version of its filtered tap water.... read more

Constellation Brands in fiscal-2021 - results preview

7 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

On Thursday, Constellation Brands will announce the results from its fiscal-2021. The numbers, to the end of February, bring to an end a 12-month period that saw year-to-date sales rise by 3.4% to US$6.66bn. Here's a look at the news that is likely to have shaped Constellation's performance in its Q4 reporting period.... read more

Don Ramon targets US women, younger drinkers with Tequila additions

1 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

Dialce has unveiled a three-strong series of Tequilas to its Don Ramón Mexican spirits brand portfolio in the US.... read more

Frederick Wildman & Sons offers US wine consumers Italian AR experience

1 April 2021 | Olly Wehring

Two Italian wine brands are set to get the augmented reality treatment in the US, courtesy of Frederick Wildman & Sons.... read more

Diageo prepares for change at the top in Ireland as Oliver Loomes steps down

31 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Oliver Loomes is set to call time on his 22-year career with Diageo, with the group appointing the current MD of Mars Petcare's Australia & New Zealand business as his replacement.... read more

Angry Orchard hard cider to sponsor CONCACAF Gold Cup this year

31 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

The Boston Beer Co is preparing a more orthodox marketing activation for Angry Orchard, securing 'official hard cider' status for the brand with this year's CONCACAF Gold Cup soccer tournament.... read more

Halewood Artisanal Spirits targets summer flavours trend with Dead Man's Fingers spiced rum extension

31 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Halewood Artisanal Spirits has decided to make a limited-edition flavour of its Dead Man's Fingers spiced rum a permanent addition to the brand's portfolio.... read more

Haiti's Rhum Barbancourt gets LatAm, Caribbean leg-up with Monarq Group deal

30 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Alcohol distributor and marketer Monarq Group has added Haiti's Rhum Barbancourt to its stable of spirits brands.... read more

Barrell Craft Spirits to launch Stellum Bourbon & Stellum rye in US

30 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Barrell Craft Spirits has created an umbrella brand for a line of cask strength American whiskies in their home market.... read more

Los Siete Misterios mezcal JV joins Michter's Distillery in Chatham Imports' spirits stable

30 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

The owner of US craft spirits producer Michter's Distillery has joined with the Mestre family in the latter's Los Siete Misterios mezcal brand.... read more

Stoli Group sets up Agave Brands, recruits Treasury Wine Estates executive as lead

29 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Stoli Group has poached Doug Altmeyer from Treasury Wine Estates to head up what the company has termed its 'Agave Brands' operations.... read more

Dewar's to be 'official blended Scotch' of US Open, readies limited 19-year-old

29 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Bacardi has bought 'official blended Scotch' status for its Dewar's brand of this year's US Open golf tournament.... read more

Australia bids farewell to China as wine tariffs time frame set

29 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Authorities in China have firmed up their stance on Australian wine imports, setting a time frame of five years for recently-introduced tariffs.... read more

Molson Coors Beverage Co warns of performance hit from cyberattack, winter storms

29 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

The combination of a recent cyberattack with bad weather in Texas will impact on Molson Coors Beverage Co's first-quarter results, the company has warned.... read more

Beam Suntory joins seltzer bunfight with Hornitos Tequila Seltzer in US

26 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Beam Suntory is hoping the current successes for Tequila and hard seltzer in the US combine, targeting the two categories with Hornitos Tequila Seltzer.... read more

William Grant & Sons' Glenfiddich Grande Couronne single malt - Product Launch

26 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

William Grant & Sons has added another expression to the ultra-premium 'The Grand Series' from single malt Scotch brand Glenfiddich.... read more

Concha y Toro survives COVID, with double-digit sales leap in 2020 - results data

26 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Concha y Toro saw the final quarter of 2020 slow slightly in what was a very strong year for the wine group.... read more

WhistlePig whiskey gets Ben & Jerry's boost with Whiskey Biz ice cream - video

25 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

WhistlePig has secured a presence for its namesake American whiskey in the latest flavour from US-based ice cream producer Ben & Jerry's.... read more

Edrington's Highland Park 50 Year Old single malt 2020 - Product Launch

25 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

The latest 50-year-old expression from single malt Scotch whisky brand Highland Park has been announced, at a significant mark-up to the previous bottlings.... read more

Concha y Toro bucks Casillero del Diablo's Chile provenance with Tempranillo extension

24 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Concha y Toro is extending its flagship Chilean wine brand to Spain with the launch of a Tempranillo extension from Casillero del Diablo.... read more

Beam Suntory's Laphroaig 10 Year Old Sherry Oak Finish single malt Scotch - Product Launch

23 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Beam Suntory is preparing the UK release of a permanent addition to its Laphroaig portfolio.... read more

Laurent-Perrier bids adieu to chair after 16 years

19 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Laurent-Perrier has lined up a change of chair, with Maurice de Kervénoael making way for Patrick Thomas next month.... read more

Three more flavours join National Beverage Corp's LaCroix sparkling water ranks

19 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

National Beverage Corp has added three flavours to its LaCroix sparkling water portfolio in the US.... read more

William Grant & Sons adds 12-year-old to Grant's Triple Wood series

18 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

William Grant & Sons has lined up an addition to the Triple Wood extension of flagship blended Scotch Grant's.... read more

Manifest Distilling's Florida Botanical Gin - Product Launch

18 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Florida-based Manifest Distilling has leaned on provenance cues for its latest spirits release.... read more

Pernod Ricard transitions Plymouth gin, Irish whiskey brands in US

17 March 2021 | Olly Wehring

Pernod Ricard is handing the US importation and marketing of four lower-profile spirits brands to a newly-formed subsidiary of Biggar & Leith, the company Pernod acquired the Malfy Gin brand from two years ago.... read more