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Ian Curle - the quiet CEO who dragged Edrington into the 21st Century - Comment

12 December 2018 | Andy Morton

2018 is the year a CEO exodus ripped through the spirits industry. Constellation's Rob Sands, Beam Suntory's Matt Shattock and Brown-Forman's Paul Varga all gave notice of their departures. ... read more

Is craft spirits approaching a reset moment? - Comment

4 December 2018 | Richard Woodard

The recent bankruptcy filing by Death's Door Spirits Co in the US has prompted spirits commentator Richard Woodard to look more closely at the craft end of the category. Is reality starting to bite?... read more

Why spirits marketing risks losing sight of the actual spirit - Comment

22 November 2018 | Neil Ridley

As marketing activity becomes more digitally-focussed, visually-orientated and 'Instagrammable', are spirits companies losing sight of the importance of simply delivering a tasting experience? Neil Ridley warns that some brand owners run the risk of losing the plot.... read more

Why the future looks better for low-calorie soft drinks, despite US troubles - Comment

15 November 2018 | Richard Corbett

In recent years, the health & wellness trend has set the scene for low-calorie soft drinks to boom. The US, however, has provided little but headaches for soft drinks companies. Until now. Richard Corbett investigates.... read more

Stoli Group’s AC/DC Thunderstruck Tequila - What just-drinks thinks

14 November 2018 | Olly Wehring

I have to doff my cap to SPI Group, for its tie-up with Australian rock band AC/DC. The launch this month of AC/DC Thunderstruck Tequila looks superb. Not only that, but the two-strong range should also appeal to a consumer demographic that is both willing and able to splash its cash.... read more

Why water will be more important than wine in the years ahead - Comment

13 November 2018 | Chris Losh

Changes to the global climate have long had an effect on wine producers. Recent extremes, however, have upped the ante. Wine commentator Chris Losh considers the drought-affected landscape of today, and warns of how the situation will likely deteriorate tomorrow.... read more

Campari Group's Aperol-infused Q3 bonanza - What just-drinks thinks

7 November 2018 | Olly Wehring

There will likely be smiles in Milan this week, with Campari Group's HQ beaming after the company's bumper third-quarter results yesterday. And, who'd blame them?... read more

Why spirits brands lists warn that the Chinese are coming - Comment

6 November 2018 | Richard Woodard

This month, our white spirits commentator has been looking at lists. Lots and lots of lists. His findings, from a spirits perspective, suggest we should keep one eye on China's baijiu producers - and not merely for competitive purposes.... read more

Carlsberg's turnaround challenge in the UK - What just-drinks thinks

5 November 2018 | Lucy Britner

It is the glue dots that will do it... ... read more

Who could buy Brockmans Gin? - What just-drinks thinks

1 November 2018 | Andy Morton

Brockmans Gin is reportedly up for sale, and could be set to go the same way as many of its gin start-up peers, snapped up by international spirits companies keen to jump aboard the gin boom.... read more

Will South America drive the next wave of craft beer growth? - Comment

25 October 2018 | Stephen Beaumont

Our resident beer commentator returns, not just for his latest look at the beer world, but also from his travels. Stephen Beaumont tells us about his time spent in South America this month, and why he thinks the region is set to hog the craft beer headlines going forward.... read more

Carlsberg and Heineken in Cambodia - What just-drinks thinks

25 October 2018 | Andy Morton

Heineken released its Q3 results yesterday and, in the process, shone a light on an as-yet-little-noticed corner of the global beer market. Cambodia is rarely mentioned alongside the big hitters of the South-East Asian alcohol market - namely Thailand and Vietnam. Its relatively-small population of 16m normally keeps it under the radar.... read more

Rob Sands latest drinks CEO to stand down - What just-drinks thinks

18 October 2018 | Andy Morton

After more than a ten years at the helm, we at just-drinks can't really say we're surprised that Constellation Brands CEO Rob Sands has decided to hand over day to day running of the business to his president Bill Newlands. A decade of power is a trendy term for beverage CEOs lucky enough to choose the timing of their own departure. PepsiCo head Indra Nooyi was up to just a little bit more when she stepped down this year, while Diageo's Paul Walsh managed 12 years.... read more

Tmall's NPD silver bullet - what just-drinks thinks

17 October 2018 | Lucy Britner

Will there come a time when companies know more than we know ourselves about what we want? If Alibaba's latest move is anything to go by, it seems likely. ... read more

Don't let complacency kill Global Travel Retail - Comment - TFWA 2018

16 October 2018 | Andy Morton

Change happens slowly in the Global Travel Retail channel. At this month's Tax Free World Association exhibition in Cannes, delegates were still discussing the same problems as two years ago - how to make money in a channel squeezed by the landlord/retailer/supplier model. The difference is, however, that two years ago, because of a backdrop of declining sales, there was a hardened sense in Cannes that "something needs to be done". This year, no such urgency exists. Global Travel Retail - right now - looks in pretty good shape.... read more

What just-drinks thinks - Heineken's partnership with Formula E

15 October 2018 | Olly Wehring

Is Heineken now looking to secure the brand loyalty of the petrol (and electric) heads among beer consumers?... read more

Why the world's wine producers won't have it all their own way in China - Comment

11 October 2018 | Chris Losh

Fresh off the plane after a trip to China, just-drinks' wine commentator, Chris Losh, brings us his take on the category in the country and finds that the greater threat to success for the world's wine producers comes from within.... read more

What strategy should soft drinks companies take to ensure future growth? - Comment

9 October 2018 | Richard Corbett

The ongoing fallout from the merger of Keurig Green Mountain and Dr Pepper Snapple Group earlier this year has prompted soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett to consider how companies should consider their options when it comes to chasing growth.... read more

Why the usual vodka suspects will have to sit out the short-term in the US - Comment

2 October 2018 | Richard Woodard

What are the prospects for vodka in the category's vital US market? Spirits commentator Richard Woodard takes us back, to look forwards.... read more

What brewers need to be aware of before stepping into cannabis - Comment

25 September 2018 | Stephen Beaumont

With brewers eyeing the cannabis industry with both interest and enthusiasm, beer commentator Stephen Beaumont has some words of warning for them, before they take their first steps into unknown territory.... read more

Why the spirits category needs to rethink its future positioning - Comment

18 September 2018 | Neil Ridley

Our spirits commentator, Neil Ridley, is all riled up. Again. This time, it's about the positioning at the higher end of the spirits category.... read more

Who needs alcohol when Coca-Cola can have versatile cannabis? - Comment

17 September 2018 | Andy Morton

Back in March, I asked what the odds would be on the launch of Coke Cannabis after The Coca-Cola Co's total beverage strategy led the group into the alcohol market in Japan. Today, those odds got a whole lot shorter with a report from Bloomberg that the soft drinks giant could be about to enter the cannabis market in a deal with Canada's Aurora Cannabis.... read more

Why PepsiCo's SodaStream purchase marks the future path for soft drinks - Comment

11 September 2018 | Richard Corbett

Last month's announcement that PepsiCo will buy the SodaStream home carbonation market leader has shaken up a sector of the soft drinks industry that, until now, had proved idiosyncratic at best. This month, soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett tells us why he believes the sector is primed - finally - to change the game.... read more

Why wine is dangerously exposed to the cannabis tidal wave - Comment

6 September 2018 | Chris Losh

just-drinks' regular wine commentator Chris Losh has been away this summer. While away, has he been smoking something? If he has, it's given him something to warn the global wine category about.... read more

Why is The Coca-Cola Co buying Costa? - Comment

31 August 2018 | Andy Morton

If you take it at an ingredient level, The Coca-Cola Co's move today to buy UK-based coffee chain Costa for US$5.1bn makes some kind of sense. Both cola and coffee contain caffeine, after all. But from a business perspective - where is the boost in this move?... read more

Do consumers know about beer terminology as well as you do? - Comment

30 August 2018 | Stephen Beaumont

When a brewer talks about the value category, does the consumer understand what is meant? How about premium? Super-premium? And, what about craft? just-drinks' beer commentator, Stephen Beaumont, considers whether these terms mean as much to consumers as they clearly do to the global brewing industry.... read more

Are spirits brand owners driving Global Travel Retail customers to distraction? - Comment

23 August 2018 | Neil Ridley

With the Global Travel Retail channel becoming such an important testing ground for new innovative expressions, have brown spirits brand owners found the perfect launch pad for NPD, or are they slowly but surely confusing consumers with mixed messages? Neil Ridley checks in for a nose around.... read more

Is SodaStream the 'twofer' solution PepsiCo is looking for? - Comment

20 August 2018 | Andy Morton

It was not that long ago that SodaStream International fancied itself as something of a plucky eco-hero, portraying its plastic-free drinks machines as the antidote to Big Soda's supposed environmental waste.... read more

Will the sugar tax story pan out as expected? - Comment

16 August 2018 | Richard Corbett

Four months on from the arrival of the tax on full-sugar soft drinks in the UK, category commentator Richard Corbett looks at what the numbers can tell us about its effect so far on the soft drinks industry.... read more

Indra Nooyi leaves PepsiCo in good shape, but what lies ahead for Ramon Laguarta? - Comment

7 August 2018 | Andy Morton

With a rumoured predisposition to going shoeless around the office and a past life as a guitar player in a band, Indra Nooyi was one of the more colourful CEOs in the corporate world of global drinks. But, that's not the only reason the woman once described as a "hippie" in one of her many stage introductions will be missed when, as announced yesterday, she passes the PepsiCo baton to her global president, Ramon Laguarta.... read more

Why is gin flattering to deceive in the US? - Comment

6 August 2018 | Richard Woodard

Scanning just-drink's NPD section would suggest a new gin brand is launched every day. The segment is the place to be and everyone knows it. Except, it would seem, the Americans among us. Richard Woodard delves deeper into a market that is not performing for gin like pretty much everywhere else is.... read more

Is Heineken risking too much to chase Anheuser-Busch InBev in China? - Comment

3 August 2018 | Andy Morton

For foreign businesspeople in China, it is the most cliched of scenarios - the over-ambitious company lured to disaster by the appeal of China's seemingly bottomless potential. The past 30 years is littered with examples. Is Heineken about to become the latest?... read more

How to pitch alcohol-free adult soft drinks to consumers - Consumer Trends

2 August 2018 | Laura Foster

In her latest consumer trends column, Laura Foster looks at the rise of non-alcoholic and adult soft drinks. The key to their success, she says, is in the way they are communicated to consumers. ... read more

Are beer festivals worth the time and expense it takes to participate in them? - Comment

26 July 2018 | Stephen Beaumont

As July gently turns to August, we enter what must be considered the heart of beer festival season.... read more

How self-serve will drive a sea-change in the soft drinks industry - Comment

19 July 2018 | Richard Corbett

Soft drinks commentator Richard Corbett has seen the future. Again. This time, it happened when he popped out for a burger.... read more