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Why Brown-Forman will be one of spirits' winners in years ahead - Analysis

14 December 2018 | Olly Wehring

Much has been written this year - not least by just-drinks - about the global trade war between the US and pretty much everybody else. As tariff barriers have gone up, the spirits company widely-considered to be in line for a drubbing has been Brown-Forman.... read more

Should Pernod Ricard dump wine and bunk up with Brown-Forman? - Analysis

14 December 2018 | Lucy Britner

It's been a tough week for Pernod Ricard. On Wednesday, activist investor Elliott Management, which has built up a 2.5% stake in the French drinks group, took aim at several aspects of the business. In turn, Pernod was moved to issue a 700-word statement, defending both its financial record and its family values.... read more

The future of cannabis in the drinks industry - just-drinks FUTURES

13 December 2018 | Richard Woodard

The future of cannabis in the food and beverage industry will be worth billions. In fact, the continued legalisation of the drug for recreational use marks a defining point in the history of both sectors. This report offers a detailed look at what the market might look like, who the players and consumers will be - and what food and drinks companies need to do now.... read more

2019 - The year of at-home drinks machines - Focus

12 December 2018 | Lucy Britner

As in-home technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, consumers continue to look for ways to entertain in their own space. Here, just-drinks looks at the rise of at-home drinks dispensers and why they will fit into the future of home consumption.... read more

The beer category in 2019 - just-drinks predicts

6 December 2018 | Andy Morton

In just-drinks' beer review of 2018, we looked back at the year just passed. But what is in store for 2019? We take a peek into our crystal ball to predict the biggest news and trends for the year ahead.... read more

Why Australia will be the wine to watch in China in 2019 - Analysis

6 December 2018 | Olly Wehring

Australia's wine producers will be looking forward to 2019, as wine tariff rates in China, the industry's largest export market, hit the maximum benefit next year from the Free Trade Agreement signed three years ago.... read more

The beer category in 2018 - just-drinks' Review of the Year, Part I - FREE TO ACCESS

6 December 2018 | Andy Morton

As the end of the year approaches, just-drinks takes a four-part look at the stories that made the headlines in 2018 across the global drinks industry. In part I, news & insights editor Andy Morton picks out the highs and the lows for the beer category.... read more

FREE TO READ - just-drinks' Mergers & Acquisitions database - November 2018

3 December 2018 | Olly Wehring

Here, just-drinks consolidates the M&A activity in the global drinks industry during November, a month that saw the Cutty Sark Scotch brand get a(nother) new owner and Diageo sell off a raft of spirits brands to Sazerac.... read more

Where can RTD and cider categories find future growth? - Research in Focus

30 November 2018 | Richard Woodard

The world's RTD brands can benefit from a growing market over the next few years, but divergent trends involving premiumisation and health consciousness will create varied conditions in the category's major markets.... read more

Why the soft drinks category is trapped in a plastic corner - Sustainability Spotlight

29 November 2018 | Ben Cooper

Faced with relentless campaigning and mounting public concern about plastic pollution, soft drinks companies have no choice but to act to mitigate the environmental impact of their packaging. As new research is published underlining the increasing importance of sustainable packaging to consumers, Ben Cooper assesses the soft drinks sector's engagement with a recently-launched global initiative on plastic use.... read more

'Healthy alcohol' - the trend to watch in 2019? - NPD trends

28 November 2018 | Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director at GlobalData

The prospect of 'healthy alcohol' may sound like an oxymoron, given new global health warnings about alcohol consumption. But, alcohol companies are doubling down on efforts to ameliorate health concerns with a new generation of healthy alcohol, and the segment looks set to be a major new trend for 2019.... read more

The end of the Anheuser-Busch InBev affair, the sale of Diageo's tail and the success of C&C Group in 2018 - The just-drinks Analyst

28 November 2018 | Ian Shackleton

Ian Shackleton is about to put the lid on his 2018, but not before, in his guise as just-drinks' resident analyst, he ponders the investor view of Anheuser-Busch InBev, Diageo and his tip at the start of this year, C&C Group.... read more

Responsible drinking issues around the world - The IARD Digest - November 2018

23 November 2018 | The IARD editorial team

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, looks at what's going on in-market to promote a more responsible role for alcohol in society.... read more

Six trends shaping the future of the beverage industry - just-drinks at Brau Beviale 2018

21 November 2018 | Andy Morton

Brewing industry exhibition Brau Beviale returned to Nuremburg last week after its traditional fallow year to allow space for Munich's quadrennial Drinktec. just-drinks was there to report on the latest trends in the beverage packaging and production industry and speak to both the established players and the up-and-coming firms shaping the future of drinks. Here's a run-down of what we found.... read more

Which alcohol category is better for avoiding stomach cancer? - International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 221

20 November 2018 | International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

There have been conflicting results from studies of the association between alcohol intake and the risk of gastric cancer. Some of the differences among studies have related to mixing subjects from Western countries with those from Asia, where dietary patterns, lifestyle factors, drinking patterns and types of alcohol consumed differ from those among Western populations.... read more

Why gender-targeted products and marketing failed in 2018 - Consumer Trends

20 November 2018 | Laura Foster

As 2018 rolls to a close and we survey the wreckage of what has certainly been an 'interesting' year, one annoying trend jumps out at me; the continued singling-out and patronisation of women by the drinks industry. ... read more

Diageo Performance Trends 2014-2018 - results data

19 November 2018 | Richard Woodard

In late-July, Diageo released its full-year results for fiscal-2018. The group saw its sales in the 12 months to the end of June rise by 5% in organic terms on the year-prior. Here, just-drinks picks through Diageo's performance over the past five years for the trends set to affect the group, specifically, and the global spirits category, more broadly.... read more

What will be Diageo's priorities for the years ahead? - Analysis

19 November 2018 | Richard Woodard

As part of just-drinks' deep-dive into the trends that have driven Diageo's performance over the last five years, Richard Woodard considers the areas that will be priorities for the group in the coming years.... read more

"New brands, new products" - Coca-Cola, Heineken and the packaging industry's e-commerce evolution

19 November 2018 | Andy Morton

just-drinks spoke to a number of industry figures working to recalibrate beverages to e-commerce demands, including The Coca-Cola Co, Heineken, The Sidel Group and Crown Beverages to find out where the e-commerce evolution will lead.... read more

FREE TO READ - The future of autonomous delivery - just-drinks FUTURES

16 November 2018 | Lucy Britner

How long before autonomous grocery delivery becomes a reality? And what does it mean for food and drinks firms? Several grocery retailers are waking up to the idea of using autonomous vehicles to deliver shopping. But, how many years will it be before it's part of our everyday life? And, what can food and drinks firms start to do about it now? In the first of a new future insights platform for just-food and just-drinks, we explore the reality of autonomous grocery delivery.... read more

Should Campari Group change its name to Aperol Group? - Analysis

7 November 2018 | Lucy Britner

Campari Group's Aperol brand has turned in another outstanding set of numbers this week, prompting some analysts to suggest renaming the company. ... read more

FREE TO READ - just-drinks' Mergers & Acquisitions database - October 2018

7 November 2018 | Olly Wehring

Here, just-drinks consolidates the M&A activity in the global drinks industry during October, a month that saw The Coca-Cola Co continue its shopping spree and rumours swirl around Constellation Brands' future wine strategy.... read more

Which international whiskies segments will challenge Scotch's dominance? - Research in Focus

5 November 2018 | Richard Woodard

The future looks overwhelmingly bright for the huge international whisky category, but stock constraints continue to hamper growth, especially for Japanese and Irish whisky brands. The new Global International Whisky Insights 2018 report from just-drinks and The IWSR highlights this continuation of a purple patch of growth for non-Scotch whisky, which has moved from volumes of 270m cases in 2013 to almost 315m cases in 2017.... read more

Alkaline water heading for the mainstream in 2019 - NPD trends

2 November 2018 | Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director at GlobalData

With 2019 just around the corner, the search is on for the next breakout beverage sector for the New Year. The safest bet may be on alkaline water, a type of premium water that will be at the receiving end of a marketing boost from The Coca-Cola Co with its US launch of Smartwater Alkaline in March.... read more

Why has The Coca-Cola Co ramped up its M&A? - Analysis

31 October 2018 | Andy Morton

It was, according to one analyst a "surprisingly active" Q3 for The Coca-Cola Co on the M&A front.... read more

The Coca-Cola Co's Q3 2018 results - Preview

29 October 2018 | Lucy Britner

On 30 October, The Coca-Cola Co will release results for the third quarter and year-to-date 2018. Here, just-drinks takes a look at the company's activities in the three months to the end of September.... read more

Responsible drinking issues around the world - The IARD Digest - October 2018

24 October 2018 | The IARD editorial team

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, looks at what's going on in-market to promote a more responsible role for alcohol in society.... read more

Is Global Travel Retail a step too far for Tito's Handmade Vodka? - Focus

23 October 2018 | Andy Morton

The US success of Tito's Handmade Vodka has already put some industry noses out of joint. Now, the self-styled craft vodka with the multinational-level volumes is hoping to do the same in the Global Travel Retail channel. But, can the brand sow the same disruption it created in its domestic market?... read more

Investors' tobacco fears for cannabis, why companies should ask their shareholders first and the Q3 results season so far - The just-drinks Analyst

23 October 2018 | Ian Shackleton

Ian Shackleton, just-drinks' resident analyst, has some sage advice for those listed drinks companies out there who are sniffing around the cannabis sector. He also considers the growing importance of corporate governance, while preparing the ground for a lively few days of third-quarter results.... read more

Six of the biggest trends in online shopping - Focus

22 October 2018 | Andy Morton

Last week, research group IGD held a digital retail conference in London, with some of the biggest etailer and online companies presenting on the channel's top trends. just-drinks brings you the low-down on the six biggest talking points from the event and what you need to know to be ready for the digital future.... read more

Why there's more to dying than just drinking - International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research Critique 220

16 October 2018 | International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

For reasons unclear, the authors of a recent study into alcohol consumption and mortality combined results from two, very different studies; one from the Veterans’ Health Administration, based on outpatient clinical medical records, and the other from a national survey in the US [The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)]. Unfortunately, the VA data did not adjust for tobacco use or other important lifestyle habits, and is not useful in judging the effects of alcohol consumption on mortality.... read more

Consumer demand for environmental efforts reaches fever pitch - Consumer Trends

16 October 2018 | Laura Foster

My initial thoughts for my latest Consumer Trends consideration for just-drinks were to write about how drinks companies can make alcohol more fun, thereby breaking down barriers with consumers. Last week's report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, however, made me feel that such frivolity would be somewhat remiss.... read more

What a 'no-deal' Brexit would look like for drinks companies - Focus

15 October 2018 | Olly Wehring

As Brexit Day draws ever closer, the negotiations between the UK and the European Union have reached a critical point this week, with the European Council set to meet on Wednesday to discuss what happens next. In two separate statements, released today, two drinks trade associations have sounded the alarm bells about the consequences of the two sides failing to reach an agreement. Here, according to SpiritsEurope and the Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland, is what a 'no-deal' Brexit would look like.... read more

Six companies that are shaking up the non-alcoholic drinks category - Focus

15 October 2018 | Andy Morton

On Saturday, mindful drinking consumer group Club Soda held its Mindful Drinking Festival outside of London for the first time. Just-drinks visited the event in Glasgow to speak to some of the beverage companies helping to mark out the future course of the growing non-alcoholic category. From "no sin gin" to vinegar drinks, here's a selection of what we found.... read more

Five ways that digital could help the Global Travel Retail consumer - Focus

12 October 2018 | Andy Morton

The TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes this month hosted its own digital village, a showcase for some of the leading tech and latest online and digital innovations in the Global Travel Retail channel. just-drinks brings you a summary of five of the best ideas on show.... read more