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Why Minimum Unit Pricing should sober us all up - Editor's Viewpoint 16 Nov 2017

It was a dark day for the drinks industry yesterday, and one that demands we take a long, hard look at ourselves. Because, the confirmation of Minimum Unit Pricing's pending arrival in Scotland suggests there's a lot more wrong in our industry than we would have ourselves believe.

Minimum Unit Pricing - How much? - data 15 Nov 2017

Earlier today, the UK Supreme Court cleared the way for the introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland. Here, just-drinks breaks down the minimum price consumers will face in the country once the measure takes effect.

D-Day for Minimum Unit Pricing - How did we get here? - Focus 14 Nov 2017

Tomorrow, the UK's Supreme Court will hand down the final ruling on the legal status of the introduction in Scotland of Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol. Here, just-drinks traces the history of the fight for - and against - a pricing floor for alcohol in the country.

Heineken H1 2017 by region - results data 31 Jul 2017

Today, Heineken reported a first-half jump in sales and volumes. Here, just-drinks takes a closer look at the group's performance in the six months to the end of June by region.

How are changing eating habits affecting wine consumption in the UK? - Consumer Trends  4 Jul 2017

Changing attitudes to meals in the UK are having an impact on the amount of wine consumers drink, recent research suggests.

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Treasury Wine Estates sponsors UK's NME Awards with 19 Crimes 21 Nov 2017

Treasury Wine Estates has announced a tie-up between its 19 Crimes wine brand and music website New Musical Express' awards in London.

Marston's Hobgoblin IPA - Product Launch 17 Nov 2017

Marston's has launched an IPA under its Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin brand.

Heineken, Big Drop back Club Soda's Mindful Drinking Christmas Festival 17 Nov 2017

Heineken's 0.0 beer, along with low-alcohol craft brewer Big Drop, will sponsor a mindful drinking festival in London this month. 

Les Grands Chais de France rolls out Calvet campaign to UK 17 Nov 2017

Les Grands Chais de France has launched an outdoor digital media campaign for its Calvet wine brand in the UK market, as it looks to take advantage of the festive season. 

UK mirrors US as canned craft beer sales soars - Nielsen figures 16 Nov 2017

The trend for craft beer in cans has transferred from the US to the UK, new Nielsen research has revealed, with the booming format now accounting for a quarter of the market.

Kopparberg Sweet Apple cider - Product Launch 16 Nov 2017

Kopparberg has added further to its namesake cider portfolio in the UK, this time releasing an apple-with-honey variant.

Halewood Wines & Spirits' Crabbie's Ginger IPA - Product Launch 16 Nov 2017

Halewood Wines & Spirits has launched an IPA under its Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer brand.

Minimum Unit Pricing gets green light in Scotland as drinks industry loses legal battle 15 Nov 2017

The UK Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal lodged by three drinks industry trade associations, clearing the way for Minimum Unit Pricing to be introduced in Scotland.

Minimum Unit Pricing - The Reaction 15 Nov 2017

Earlier today, the UK Supreme Court cleared the way for the introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland. Here, just-drinks pulls together reaction to the news, from trade associations, drinks companies and the authorities.

Molson Coors caters to Millenial tastes with UK Cobra food push - video 15 Nov 2017

Molson Coors has launched a new online video series for its Cobra brand, designed to highlight the UK beer's food-pairing virtues for a Millennial audience.

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Non-alcoholic beer fails the Bernstein challenge 14 Jul 2017

Crazy days in the Bernstein offices. Taking time out from being one of the world’s top beverage analysts, the Bernstein team, lead by its London-based veteran Trevor Stirling, held its very own taste test on a range of beers while researching a new report on the non-alcoholic category.

AG Barr launches Funkin innovation search 5 Jul 2017

AG Barr has lined up a Funkin campaign in the UK to find an 'innovation champion'.

Are you a beer geek? Take the Brewdog quiz and find out 28 Jun 2017

Brewdog, the Scottish craft brewer, likes to claim its drinkers are some of the most knowledgeable around.