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SABMiller to close South Sudan operation amid ForEx woes 15 Jan 2016

SABMiller is to close its South Sudan business as a shortage of access to foreign exchange continues to hamper the acquisition of raw materials in the country.

SUDAN: SABMiller to expand beer capacity 11 Apr 2011

SABMiller is to significantly expand its brewing capacity in Southern Sudan in response to growing consumer demand for beer.

SUDAN: SABMiller to double beer capacity, expand range 20 Aug 2010

SABMiller will double beer production and increase soft drinks capacity by more than five times at its brewery in Southern Sudan in order to build on early sales momentum in the province.

SUDAN: SABMiller to ramp up beer production 11 Aug 2010

SABMiller will significantly increase beer production at its brewery in Southern Sudan to counter competition from Diageo's East African Breweries.

SUDAN: SABMiller gets funding for local sourcing 25 Jun 2010

SABMiller has hatched a plan to improve local sourcing for its brewery in Southern Sudan, a move that the brewer says will enhance local farmers' income and enable it to cut costs.

SUDAN: SABMiller launches White Bull Lager 1 May 2009

SABMiller subsidiary Southern Sudan Beverages has begun brewing White Bull Lager, the first beer to be produced in Sudan for more than 25 years.

S AFRICA: SABMiller to produce beer in Sudan 10 Dec 2008

SABMiller Africa plans to begin brewing a new lager in Southern Sudan, following the opening of a brewery in the country's capital.