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Will the World Cup give Carlsberg the boost it needs in Russia? - Analysis 2 May 2018

Russia has proven once again to be a thorn in Carlsberg's side, but there could be good news around the corner for the group as the country prepares to suffer from World Cup fever.

A bleaker beer year ahead in Russia - Analysis 6 Jan 2016

That Russia's beer market has turned from a roaring bear into a whimpering bunny is not news any more. The country's economic downturn, coupled with government action against alcohol retailing and advertising, has been the norm for the better part of around three years now.

Russian consumers hamper Carlsberg's outlook - CFO 19 Aug 2015

Carlsberg's CFO has said the company is “a little more negative” on Russia's consumers after continued problems in the country forced a full-year forecast downgrade.

just On Call - Brown-Forman CFO sees the positives in Russia 4 Mar 2015

The CFO of Brown-Forman has offered hope to Russia's alcohol market, claiming that the company is "doing pretty well" in the challenging country.

Comment - Carlsberg's Russian Reboot 29 Jan 2015

That, in just the space of two days, Carlsberg has announced both a pay freeze and the closure of two Russian breweries, speaks volumes about the seriousness of the situation in its Eastern European stronghold.

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Remy Cointreau, Roust Group extend Eastern Europe bunk-up - Cognac in Russia data 22 Dec 2020

Rémy Cointreau has extended its distribution arrangement with Russian Standard vodka owner Roust Group for Hungary, Poland and Russia.

Roust Group's Siberian Troika vodka - Product Launch - Vodka in Russia data 16 Dec 2020

Russian Standard vodka brand owner Roust Group has added a new mark to its spirits portfolio.

Roust hands full Caribbean, Latin America distribution to Monarq 3 Nov 2020

Roust Group has restored the Caribbean and Latin American distribution of its alcohol portfolio to a third-party, with Monarq Group building on the pair's relationship over Roust's Zubrówka vodka brand.

Roust Group prepares China debut for Russian Standard - Vodka in China data 2 Oct 2020

Roust Group is launching its flagship Russian Standard vodka brand in China following the signing of a partnership with local business Beijing Soko.

Venue's hospital conversion prompts Beviale Moscow cancellation 29 Jun 2020

The organisers of this year's Beviale Moscow trade show have called off the event as its venue in the city is being used as a hospital.

Marussia Beverages eyes Mamont vodka boost with Siberian distillery purchase 29 Apr 2020

Spirits producer and distributor Marussia Beverages has bought a majority stake in a Siberian distillery as part of plans to ramp up capacity for its Mamont vodka brand.

Coronavirus claims latest trade show victim, Beviale Moscow rescheduled 11 Mar 2020

The Russian leg of the global Beviale string of trade shows is the latest to be postponed, with coronavirus and COVID-19 forcing the organisers' hand.

Alcohol consumption plunges in Russia - WHO study 1 Oct 2019

Alcohol consumption in Russia has fallen by more than 40% in the 13 years to 2016, a report from the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said.

Roust Corp promotes internally for next Americas CEO 5 Sep 2019

Roust Corp has appointed a former Treasury Wine Estates executive to head up its operations in the Americas.

Roust Group promotes internally in Russia as group vodka volumes climb - Russia vodka data 19 Jun 2019

Roust Group has confirmed a switch of CEO for its home market of Russia, with former Heineken executive Alexey Gulevich moving up to assume the role.