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just a Look Around - Bacardi Distillery 4 Nov 2014

Last weekend, just-drinks travelled to Puerto Rico with Bacardi. While there, we were taken on a tour of the company's rum distillery - the world's largest - at Cantaño on the island.

“Absolutely no question” of Bacardi return to Cuba 3 Nov 2014

The president of Bacardi has reiterated the company's intention to return to its native Cuba once the US embargo of the country is lifted.

Bid to raise drinking age to 21 11 Nov 2013

A Puerto Rico politician is pushing for the country to raise its legal drinking age to 21, according to reports.

Diageo defends Serralles contract breach claim 8 Oct 2012

Diageo has dismissed claims made by Distelleria Serralles that the drinks giant has breached its contract with the Puerto Rico-based rum producer.

Destilería Serrallés launches into travel retail 13 Mar 2012

Puerto Rican rum producer Destilería Serrallés has launched into travel retail after a link-up with Haleybrooke International.

National Puerto Rican Day Parade terminates Diageo 8 Mar 2010

Diageo has declined to comment on the announcement that the National Puerto Rican Day Parade is “terminating” its relationship with the drinks giant over the Captain Morgan affair.

Statement from Destileria Serralles 24 Feb 2010


Rums of Puerto Rico launches US campaign 22 Feb 2010

Rums of Puerto Rico, the Government-backed umbrella marketing body, has launched its first campaign for two years in the US.

Bacardi Corp. settles EPA row in Puerto Rico 5 Nov 2008

Bacardi Corporation has settled a violation of the Clean Water Act after having paid a US$550,000 fine.

Bacardi welcomes family member to Puerto Rico 11 Feb 2008

Bacardi has announced the pending retirement of the president of its Puerto Rican operations, and the promotion of a Bacardi family member to the post.