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Could Japan's love of lemon sour become a global drinking trend? - analysis 4 Dec 2020

When The Coca-Cola Co branched into alcohol in 2018, the move made headline news. The chuhai drink, under the brand name Lemon-dou, was designed to tap into the growing demand in the country for spirit-and-soda RTDs.

Will Asahi's 1,000-person virtual bar be a success? - analysis 24 Apr 2020

Tomorrow, Asahi Breweries will open a 'virtual bar' in Japan.

The Highball - Japan's biggest contribution to the Scotch whisky category - Industry Comment 13 Jul 2017

There can be little debate about the role the Highball serve has had in Scotch whisky's performance in Japan. The serve - comprising whisky, water and ice - is Japan's most famous drink, as well as the country's biggest contribution to modern drinking society.

Will fat-blocking products save the day for carbonated soft drinks? - NPD insight 27 Feb 2017

The future of carbonated soft drink innovation may be closer than we think. The Japanese debut next month of Coca-Cola Plus – a fibre-enriched, fat-blocking, calorie-free soft drink – could be a sign of a shifting mindset among CSD companies away from removing the 'bad stuff' to adding more of the 'good stuff'.

Is Japan's beer market coming back to life? - Comment 21 Feb 2017

The long-accepted truth for Japan's beer market is that domestic consumption is in long-term decline, forcing the country's brewers to look overseas for growth.

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Kirin Holdings lines up Kirin Fermented Lemon Sour release 26 Feb 2021

Kirin Holdings is to launch a sour alcoholic RTD made with fermented lemon juice.

Kirin Holdings unveils new PET process that reduces bottle size 18 Feb 2021

Kirin Holdings has developed a new packaging technology that should make PET beverage bottles lighter.

Japan lays out whisky production rules in standardisation push 16 Feb 2021

Japanese whisky distillers have issued new labelling standards in an attempt to regulate the 100-year-old category.

Asahi Group charts path back to 2019 profits after COVID hit - results 15 Feb 2021

Asahi Group will need another two years to return to pre-COVID profit levels after posting significant beer and soft drinks declines in 2020.

Suntory Holdings signs water stewardship accord in Japan 8 Feb 2021

Suntory Holdings has joined a water stewardship programme as part of a pledge to improve sustainability.

Kirin reveals healthy beverage line-up to battle Japan's coronavirus declines 22 Jan 2021

Kirin has unveiled a raft of new launches for 2021, including an amino acid bottled water developed with healthy-lifestyle partner FANCL.

Asahi Group battles Japan bar shutdown with Super Dry draught beer can 8 Jan 2021

Asahi Group has developed a draught-style can for flagship lager Super Dry in Japan as consumers demand an on-trade experience despite many bars in the country being closed.

Kirin Holdings predicts tax-relief boost for Japan beer volumes after tough 2020 6 Jan 2021

Kirin Holdings has targetted a double-digit boost in Japanese beer volumes this year as it predicts significant tailwinds from the country's ongoing alcohol tax overhaul.

Label-free packaging in Japan a sign of things to come in beverages? - comment 18 Nov 2020

Like most other markets, Japan has seen the at-home consumption of beverages soar in recent months due to the COVID-19 outbreak. At the same time, the e-commerce channel is capitalising on the cocooning trend as consumers buy their soft drinks online, thanks to both the convenience and the ability to buy in bulk.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan upbeat on vending machine prospects as Tokyo Olympics loom - video 12 Nov 2020

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan has hailed the success of its 'Coke On' vending machine concept, with consumer promotions in place for the run-up to next year's Olympic Games in Tokyo.