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The Highball - Japan's biggest contribution to the Scotch whisky category - Industry Comment 13 Jul 2017

There can be little debate about the role the Highball serve has had in Scotch whisky's performance in Japan. The serve - comprising whisky, water and ice - is Japan's most famous drink, as well as the country's biggest contribution to modern drinking society.

Will fat-blocking products save the day for carbonated soft drinks? - NPD insight 27 Feb 2017

The future of carbonated soft drink innovation may be closer than we think. The Japanese debut next month of Coca-Cola Plus – a fibre-enriched, fat-blocking, calorie-free soft drink – could be a sign of a shifting mindset among CSD companies away from removing the 'bad stuff' to adding more of the 'good stuff'.

Is Japan's beer market coming back to life? - Comment 21 Feb 2017

The long-accepted truth for Japan's beer market is that domestic consumption is in long-term decline, forcing the country's brewers to look overseas for growth.

"US brewers think about pricing, never about the beer" - Interview, Sapporo Holdings president Tsutomu Kamijo - Part II 24 Nov 2016

It is 40 years since Tsutomu Kamijo walked in the door at Sapporo, but he remembers it like it was yesterday.

"We are in the beer business, we're not in the banker business" - Interview, Sapporo Holdings president Tsutomu Kamijo - Part I 22 Nov 2016

Sapporo Holdings is one of Japan's biggest alcohol and soft drinks producers and the country's oldest brewer. This month, Andy Morton met with its president, Tsutomu Kamijo, to discuss why he'd like to get his hands on Anheuser-Busch InBev's Pilsner Urquell, the state of play in Vietnam and why even BrewDog's founder gets excited about Sapporo's beer.

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Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan hikes prices amid rising costs 8 Jan 2019

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan has announce price increases across larger PET formats as it looks to offset rising logistics and raw material costs.

Chilean winery Vina Leyda enters Japan in Asahi import deal 7 Nov 2018

Chile's VSPT Wine Group has partnered with Asahi to launch a raft of wines in Japan from its Viña Leyda division.

Summer floods leave Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan with US$74m bill 10 Oct 2018

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan expects to take a JPY8.4bn (US$74.2m) hit from disruption caused by heavy rain and flooding in Japan in July this year.

Japan's shochu companies get EU green light for bottle size amendment 8 Oct 2018

The European Parliament has backed a European Commission proposal to exempt Japan from European Union (EU) bottle size rules when selling the spirit shochu.

Moderate alcohol consumption takes hold among younger Japanese consumers – research 3 Sep 2018

Younger consumers in Japan have started to cut down on alcohol consumption, according to recent research from Wine Intelligence.

Coca-Cola Japan's Fanta Yogurtropical - Product Launch 10 Jul 2018

Coca-Cola Japan has lined up a new, limited edition Fanta for the Japanese market.

The Coca-Cola Co's Coca-Cola Clear - Product Launch 5 Jun 2018

The Coca-Cola Co has launched a clear, calorie-free version of its namesake soft drinks brand in Japan.

Suntory launches colourless non-alcoholic beer in soda bottles for on-the-job consumption - video 11 May 2018

Suntory is to launch its domestic non-alcoholic beer All Free in a soda-style bottle so consumers can drink it in the office or university classroom.

The Coca-Cola Co rolls out first frozen beverage in Japan 16 Apr 2018

The Coca-Cola Co's Japanese unit is contining to lead the company's innovation with the launch of the first Coca-Cola frozen drink.

The Coca-Cola Co plans alcoholic beverage launch for Japan 7 Mar 2018

The Coca-Cola Co is to launch its first alcoholic drink in Japan, the company has revealed.

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One small step for a can - Pokari Sweat heads to the moon 16 May 2014

Japanese beverage firm Otsuka Pharmaceutical is claiming a world-first with plans to send a can of Pokari Sweat to the moon.

Sammy Davis Jnr, Bill Murray offer Suntory ad heritage 14 Jan 2014

Will Suntory's US$16bn move to buy Beam see a change in how the Bourbon producer's brands are advertised?