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The risk of a sugar tax for CSDs in India 21 Apr 2016

Soft drinks marketers are always scratching their heads trying to establish new refreshment occasions for their drinks to exploit. Sometimes, these opportunities can be found in the most extraordinary channels. In Southern India, for example, salons have proved to be a surprise outlet for lemon & lime drinks like Sprite or 7 Up.

Why Didn't Diageo Act Sooner on Mallya? 27 Apr 2015

It's not every day that one can accuse the world's biggest spirits producer of being a bit stupid, but my peers in India are making hay today, doing just that. But, before wading in against Diageo and the call by its United Spirits unit in India for chairman Vijay Mallya to stand down, ask yourself this one question: What difference does it make?

United Spirits' short-term pain, but future rosy 4 Sep 2014

Finally, after a near four-month delay United Spirits reported its full-year results today.

India: Everyone's Favourite Spirits Market 2 Jul 2014

Finally, after almost 20 months, Diageo has got what it initially wanted in India. The company today (2 July) confirmed it now holds the majority of shares in United Spirits. This achievement, however, has cost way more than Diageo initially expected; to the tune of around US$1bn.

Will Diageo's United Spirits buy raise spirits? 15 Apr 2014

As expected, Diageo has stepped up its bid to take majority control of India’s United Spirits Ltd (USL). The UK-headquartered company has launched a tender offer for a further 26% stake in the UB Group unit, which, if successful would raise its stake to around 55%.

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C&C Group readies Tennent's for India 28 Apr 2016

C&C Group has teamed up with the Indian division of Mahou San Miguel to prepare the launch of two variants in its Tennent's beer brand stable in the country.

Radico Khaitan's Rampur Indian whisky - NPD 21 Apr 2016

Radico Khaitan has lined up the global release of a new single malt Indian whisky.

India mulls soft drinks sugar tax 14 Apr 2016

The Indian Government is weighing up the introduction of a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, as diabetes and obesity rates in the country increase.

PureCircle plans stevia production in India 13 Apr 2016

Malaysia-based stevia producer PureCircle is to partner farmers in India to plant 5,000 hectares of the plant following the country's move to approve its use as a sweetener. 

Equity sales co for Heineken as UB stake rises 7 Apr 2016

Heineken has appointed equity sales specialist JM Financial in India, as it continues to increase its stake in the country's beer market leader, United Breweries.

Indian's Bihar state bans alcohol 6 Apr 2016

The Indian state of Bihar has abruptly halted all alcohol sales, bringing forward a planned ban by six months, according to reports.

Allied Blenders & Distillers FY volumes climb 5 Apr 2016

Allied Blenders & Distillers has reported a double-digit rise in full-year volumes, with flagship whisky brand Officer's Choice also performing well.

Moet Hennessy opens Chandon winery in India 4 Apr 2016

The Indian unit of Moët Hennessy has officially opened its first winery in the country, dedicated to producing the Chandon sparkling wine brand.

Diageo to rename McDowell's whiskey outside India 1 Apr 2016

Diageo is to rename Indian whiskey McDowell’s in export markets after pressure from the Scotch Whisky Association.

Vijay Mallya's son departs United Breweries 1 Apr 2016

Sidhartha V Mallya, son of Indian entrepreneur Vijay Mallya, has left his role as non-executive, non-independent director at United Breweries Holdings.