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Will 2020 be a game of two halves for Remy Cointreau? - analysis 1 May 2020

When Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet announced last year she was to step down as Remy Cointreau CEO, just-drinks suggested that any future downturn in China could threaten her legacy at the premium spirits company.

Moët Hennessy Performance Trends 2015-2019 - results data 19 Feb 2020

In late-January, Moët Hennessy reported a 6% increase in sales from 2019. Here, just-drinks picks through the wine & spirits group's performance over the past five years for the trends set to affect the company, specifically, and the global wine and spirits categories, more broadly.

"We are already producing Champagne in a climate that's different from our fathers'" - just-drinks speaks to the Comite Champagne 9 Oct 2019

The Champagne industry prides itself on being at the forefront of the climate change battle, producing in 2001 wine's first report on the effects a warming planet will have on growing and production. This week, Champagne's overseer, the Comité Champagne (CIVC), released its latest sustainability report, revealing that climate change is no longer a prospect on the horizon but is already having an effect on how Champagne is made. Earlier this week, just-drinks sat down with CIVC director of communications Thibaut Le Mailloux to talk about the threat of climate change and what needs to be done to protect Champagne.

Global Travel Retail - The state of the union - TFWA 2019 Preview 26 Sep 2019

This year's TFWA World Exhibition & Conference kicks off on Sunday. Ahead of the six-day Global Travel Retail event, channel commentator Joe Bates looks at the latest data, which underlines the resilience of the wider alcohol category in this most diverse of retail channels. Challenges, however, still remain.

Vallat appointment means it is business as usual for Remy Cointreau - just-drinks thinks 12 Sep 2019

What does yesterday's announcement of Eric Vallat as Remy Cointreau's next CEO tell us about the company's plans?

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Champagne poised for COVID-19 sales crash - forecast 29 May 2020

Trade organisation the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC) has warned that Champagne sales this year are set to tumble, with around US$2bn expected to be lost in 2020.

Chateau de Pommard targets Europe's high-end on-premise with distribution deals 21 May 2020

Burgundy producer Château de Pommard has added three markets to its presence in Europe.

Chateau Fourcas Hosten names Eloi Jacob as next MD 18 May 2020

French wine producer Chateau Fourcas Hosten has appointed a managing director.

Remy Cointreau closes on JR Brillet Cognac, liqueur brand purchases 4 May 2020

Remy Cointreau has completed the purchase of most of the JR Brillet Cognac house's operations for an undisclosed fee.

Remy Cointreau fiscal-2020 - Sales down 11%, Q1 2021 expected to slide by 50% - results data - comment 29 Apr 2020

Remy Cointreau has warned of a massive fall in sales from its current quarter, with the previous quarter posting a 25% top-line plunge.

Pernod Ricard year-to-date 2020 - China into reverse, group sales down 2% - results data 23 Apr 2020

A marked slide in Asia has put an end to Pernod Ricard's sales growth in fiscal-2020, with nine-month sales going into reverse after a positive half-year.

Pierre Chavin’s Villa Chavin Naturally Light organic wine - Product Launch 20 Apr 2020

Languedoc winery Pierre Chavin has launched an 8.5%-abv organic wine range.

Moet Hennessy Q1 2020 - Sales fall 14% - results data 16 Apr 2020

Moet Hennessy has credited the US with tempering its double-digit sales decline in the first three months of 2020.

Who is Pernod Ricard funding with CSR programme The Chivas Venture? 15 Apr 2020

In 2014, Pernod Ricard launched The Chivas Venture, a CSR project that donates US$1m per year from the company to start-ups focused on social and environmental issues. Late last month, Pernod announced its decision to split the funding among the 26 companies chosen as finalists. Here's a look at those finalists, including details of the work they are undertaking.

Silicon Valley-thinking propels Burgundy's Chateau de Pommard to online future 6 Apr 2020

Chateau de Pommard has fast-tracked a move into the e-commerce channel as the Burgundy fine wine maker looks to overhaul its business thinking to confront the coronavirus crisis.