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Will the World Cup give Carlsberg a boost?

Russia has proven once again to be a thorn in Carlsberg's side, but there could be good news around the corner for the group as the country...

A bleaker beer year ahead in Russia - Analysis

That Russia's beer market has turned from a roaring bear into a whimpering bunny is not news any more. The country's economic downturn, coup...

Can Romania step up to the world wine stage?

The Romanian wine industry is at the start of its own revolution. Families who previously struggled to get their properties back following C...

Comment - Heineken's move for Pivovarna Lasko

Nine months after Pivovarna Lasko hung out the 'for sale' sign, Heineken has emerged as the Slovenian firm's favoured suitor – or should tha...

Latest Interviews

The just-drinks Interview - Budejovicky Budvar CEO, Jirí Bocek - Part II 28 Nov 2013

Olly Wehring

In the first part of just-drinks' interview with the head of Czech brewer Budejovicky Budvar, Jirí Bocek discussed the company's ownership structure and its position in the Czech beer market. Here, in part two, he tells us about his plans beyond Czech and gives us his view on the never-ending legal tussle with Anheuser-Busch InBev.

The just-drinks Interview - Budejovicky Budvar CEO, Jirí Bocek - Part I 26 Nov 2013

Olly Wehring

Last month, I travelled to Czech to take in a tour of Budejovicky Budvar's brewery in the south of the country. While there, I was granted an audience with group director Jirí Bocek. During our time together, we discussed the firm's ownership structure, its plans for future expansion, and that legal row.

Latest News

Investor group seeks new owner for SFW Starka distillery and US$87m aged-vodka stockpile 1 May 2018

Andy Morton

A Polish distillery sitting on almost US$90m worth of barrel-aged vodka is up for sale.

Halewood Wines & Spirits offloads Romanian wine operations to Alexandrion Group 12 Apr 2018

Lucy Britner

Romania-based spirits firm Alexandrion Group has agreed to purchase Halewood Wines & Spirits' wine operations in the country.

Henkell & Co takes majority stake in Lithuanian distributor Filipopolis 3 Apr 2018

Andy Morton

German wine group Henkell & Co has followed up its acquisition of sparkling wine company Freixenet with the purchase of Lithuanian distributor Filipopolis.

Coca-Cola Icecek hits new heights in 2017 - results 5 Mar 2018

Olly Wehring

Coca-Cola Icecek has hailed a record-breaking year, with 2017 becoming the group's biggest 12 months in five years.

Budejovicky Budvar eyes capacity boost with US$98m investment plan 6 Feb 2018

Andy Morton

Czech brewer Budejovicky Budvar has outlined plans for a CZK2bn (US$98m) investment to increase capacity.

Purcari Wineries set for US$71m IPO 30 Jan 2018

Andy Morton

One of Eastern Europe's biggest wine producers, Purcari Wineries, will look to raise more than RON265m (US$71m) for its shareholders in an initial public offering.

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