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China spirit - How Diageo reinflated the baijiu bubble - Part II 6 Sep 2017

In a visit to the home of Diageo's Chinese spirit brand, Shuijingfang, news & insights editor Andy Morton looks back at the fall - and subsequent rise - of baijiu, and shows how the company is learning from past mistakes to help shape the Chinese white spirits' future. Here's part two of Andy's story.

China spirit - How Diageo got burned by the baijiu bubble - Part I 6 Sep 2017

In a visit to the home of Diageo's Chinese spirit brand, Shuijingfang, news & insights editor Andy Morton looks back at the fall - and subsequent rise - of baijiu, and shows how the company is learning from past mistakes to help shape the future of the baijiu category.

"More Chinese people like wine - they want to know more about it" - Interview, Alan's Wines & Spirits chairman Alan Wang 12 Jun 2017

Alan Wang is the founder of Alan's Wines & Spirits, which has 86 off-premise sites across China. just-drinks sat down with him during the 2017 China Food & Drinks Fair in Chengdu, where he spoke about the changing face of the Chinese consumer and reveals what he looks for in wine before allowing it on his shelves.

Why China is as much about wine production as wine consumption - Comment 8 Sep 2016

Looking through the mist, Chris Losh can see China's wine production efforts becoming of greater importance to the wine world than the country's potential to consume the stuff.

"A lot of companies are just selling labels in China" - Interview, Concha y Toro's CEO for Asia, Cristian Lopez 23 Mar 2016

Ask a Chinese person about Chile and they will immediately mention one thing - cherries. The country is famous in China for its red cherries, which people see as wholesome and healthy. Chilean wine, however, is quickly catching up in the recognition stakes. According to Wines of Chile, exports to China increased by 47% last year, and the country now ranks as the third-biggest market for bottled Chilean wine.

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Non-Champagnes set to drive sparkling wine consumption in China - research 9 Feb 2018

Sparkling wines outside of the Champagne category will lead a breakthrough in consumption among Chinese drinkers, according to new research. 

Anheuser-Busch InBev confirms China brewery launch for Goose Island, craft brands 8 Feb 2018

Anheuser-Busch InBev has opened a new brewery in central China to produce beer specifically for the country’s growing craft market.

Tsingtao Brewery confirms price rises as costs increase 5 Jan 2018

Tsingtao Brewery has admitted it will raise prices on some of its products amid reports that China’s brewers are being forced to take action because of packaging cost increases.

The Coca-Cola Co cuts ribbon on 45th China bottling plant 4 Dec 2017

The Coca-Cola Co has opened its latest bottling plant in China, the soft drinks company's 45th in the country.

Spirits industry eyes boost as China cuts tariffs 24 Nov 2017

Industry trade groups have welcomed a move by China to cut tariffs on some of its spirits categories.

Kweichow Moutai set for 15% export boost 23 Nov 2017

Kweichow Moutai exports should jump by 15% this year, the Chinese baijiu producer has said as it launched its first marketing initiative in Africa.

Asahi Group lines up China launch for Pilsner Urquell, Peroni Nastro Azzurro - report 23 Nov 2017

Asahi Group is to launch two of SABMiller's European beers in China as the brewer continues to expand its footprint, according to a report.

Baijiu back on track as Kweichow Moutai YTD 2017 sales, profits leap - results 3 Nov 2017

China's leading baijiu producer, Kweichow Moutai, has boosted nine-month profits by 60% as the Chinese white spirit market continues to recover.

China Foods to offload Great Wall owner COFCO Wines & Spirits amid slowing wine market 18 Oct 2017

China Foods has blamed a slowing Chinese wine market for its decision to sell COFCO Wines & Spirits, one of the largest alcohol importers in the country and the owner of the domestic brand, Great Wall.

Asahi asset tidy continues with Tsingtao Brewery Co stake poised for offload 16 Oct 2017

Asahi Group Holdings has started the wheels rolling on a potential divestment of its stake in China's Tsingtao Brewery Co.

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Did Alibaba's 9.9 Global Wine and Spirits Festival flop? 27 Sep 2016

Major wine players flocked to China ready for online giant Alibaba's 9.9 Global Wine and Spirits Festival, which took place on 9 September.

Djokovic learns Chinese as Jacob's Creek tries to love-all 2 Feb 2015

Tennis player Novak Djokovic was on top of the world yesterday after defeating Andy Murray in four sets to take the Australian Open title.

Will grey sky thinking lead to broccoli beverage boom? 20 Jun 2014

A joint US and Chinese study released this week found that a tea made with broccoli sprouts helps the body to break down and expunge high levels of the chemical benzene.