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Concha y Toro's Asia CEO - Interview 23 Mar 2016

Ask a Chinese person about Chile and they will immediately mention one thing - cherries. The country is famous in China for its red cherries, which people see as wholesome and healthy. Chilean wine, however, is quickly catching up in the recognition stakes. According to Wines of Chile, exports to China increased by 47% last year, and the country now ranks as the third-biggest market for bottled Chilean wine.

CRB and the Snow beer brand - The facts 18 Mar 2016

China Resources Beer, the joint-owner of Snow with SABMiller, released its full-year results for 2015 this week. The company will soon gain full control of Snow after it agreed a deal with Anheuser-Busch InBev this month, so here's a low-down on the brand, using data from CR Beer's investors presentation.

AB InBev in a rush to offload China's Snow 2 Mar 2016

For a company dead set on becoming the biggest in its field – and reportedly beyond – Anheuser-Busch InBev's decision to sell off SABMiller's stake in China's CR Snow to JV partner China Resources Beer looks more like a step backwards - and a very cheap one at that.

China - Good for one Cognac brand, bad for another 1 Mar 2016

Considering the disparity of performances from Cognac brand owners in China, I've been looking at what's really happening within the country, and have been talking to some brands about their varying strategies and view of future prospects. First, let's look at the numbers.

Pernod Ricard sings different tune on Cognac 15 Feb 2016

Gong xi fa cai, as the Chinese say. The saying is the equivalent of "happy new year" and is ubiquitous in China at this time of year, partly because of the earworm of a song that is played in every department store and on all television shows.

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COFCO's China Foods mulls Coca-Cola bottling sale 23 Aug 2016

COFCO subsidiary China Foods is considering the sale of stakes in ten Coca-Cola bottlers in the country, as the Coca-Cola Co's bottler refranchising scheme gains momentum. 

Middle classes, e-commerce boost China wine 11 Jul 2016

The number of urban upper-middle-class wine drinkers in China is still on the increase despite a slowing economy, according to new research. 

CR Beer plans US$1.2bn share sale for Snow JV buy 6 Jul 2016

China Resources Beer aims to raise HKD9.5bn (US$1.2bn) in a share sale to help fund the purchase of SABMiller's stake in its Snow beer joint-venture.

Remy Cointreau hits bottom in China - CEO 10 Jun 2016

Remy Cointreau has bottomed out in China, the company's CEO has said as she predicted improved results in the country for 2017.

Tennent's lager heads to China as C&C signs deal 24 May 2016

C&C Group is to take Tennent's lager to China for the first time in its latest overseas distribution partnership.

Heineken calls out China for lack of beer profits 16 May 2016

Heineken has said the "vast majority" of the Chinese beer market makes no profits.

"Poised for bright business in China" AB InBev CEO 5 May 2016

The CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev has said he expects growth in China to come from the top end of the company's portfolio, though he warned the market is still under pressure. 

Yalumba switches Summergate for Suntory in China 28 Apr 2016

The Yalumba Wine Co has switched distributors in China after 11 years with Summergate.

Beam Suntory's Courvoisier Gala Club - NPD 20 Apr 2016

Beam Suntory has added an above-VSOP expression to its Cognac portfolio in China. 

Cognac back to health in East Asia - figures 14 Apr 2016

Cognac export volumes to East Asia have jumped 7% in the past year, new figures show.

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Djokovic learns Chinese as Jacob's Creek tries to love-all 2 Feb 2015

Tennis player Novak Djokovic was on top of the world yesterday after defeating Andy Murray in four sets to take the Australian Open title.

Will grey sky thinking lead to broccoli beverage boom? 20 Jun 2014

A joint US and Chinese study released this week found that a tea made with broccoli sprouts helps the body to break down and expunge high levels of the chemical benzene.