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China spirit - How Diageo reinflated baijiu, II

In a visit to the home of Diageo's Chinese spirit brand, Shuijingfang, news & insights editor Andy Morton looks back at the fall - and subse...

China spirit - How Diageo got burned by baijiu, I

In a visit to the home of Diageo's Chinese spirit brand, Shuijingfang, news & insights editor Andy Morton looks back at the fall - and subse...

Pernod's mood darkens over India - Analysis

If it's not one thing then it's another. Such is the way of the global drinks market....

How will India's road liquor ban affect alcohol?

The Indian drinks industry was described as "shocked". And, certainly, the decision by the Supreme Court last Friday to uphold a ban on liqu...

Latest Interviews

"More Chinese people like wine - they want to know more about it" - Interview, Alan's Wines & Spirits chairman Alan Wang 12 Jun 2017

Andy Morton

Alan Wang is the founder of Alan's Wines & Spirits, which has 86 off-premise sites across China. just-drinks sat down with him during the 2017 China Food & Drinks Fair in Chengdu, where he spoke about the changing face of the Chinese consumer and reveals what he looks for in wine before allowing it on his shelves.

"A lot of companies are just selling labels in China" - Interview, Concha y Toro's CEO for Asia, Cristian Lopez 23 Mar 2016

Andy Morton

Ask a Chinese person about Chile and they will immediately mention one thing - cherries. The country is famous in China for its red cherries, which people see as wholesome and healthy. Chilean wine, however, is quickly catching up in the recognition stakes. According to Wines of Chile, exports to China increased by 47% last year, and the country now ranks as the third-biggest market for bottled Chilean wine.

Latest News

Coca-Cola India's Thums Up Charged No Sugar - Product Launch 11 Apr 2018

Lucy Britner

The Coca-Cola Co's Indian unit has rolled out a sugar-free version of its Thums Up Charged variant.

Commercial director at Diageo’s Shui Jing Fang moves to William Grant & Sons in Asia Pacific 9 Apr 2018

Olly Wehring

William Grant & Sons has recruited a former Diageo executive to head up its Travel Retail operations across Asia Pacific.

The Coca-Cola Co goes regional as it kicks off Share-a-Coke in India - video 6 Apr 2018

Andy Morton

The Coca-Cola Co's Indian version of its Share-a-Coke campaign is to use 12 regional languages as it expands across the polyglot country.

US wine fears "significant" Chinese hit should trade war catch fire 26 Mar 2018

Olly Wehring

The trade association for California’s wine industry has warned that the fledgling trade row between the US and China could have a "significant negative impact" on its exports to the booming market.

China readies retaliatory duties on US wine exports as tariff row escalates 23 Mar 2018

Keith Nuthall

China's Ministry of Commerce has warned that it is prepared to impose retaliatory 15% duties on wine exports from the US, retaliating to the latter's imposition of 25% and 10% duties on imported steel and aluminium, respectively.

Heineken unlikely to loosen tight control over China assets - analyst 9 Mar 2018

Andy Morton

An analyst has cast doubts on reports claiming that Heineken is to sell the Chinese rights to its flagship lager to China Resources Beer for US$1bn.

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