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Rastal: Craft Master One

Rastal: Craft Master One

The craft beer movement is gaining ever more momentum also across Germany. Newly established breweries are presenting their aroma-rich creations at numerous events, in stylish pubs and restaurants or via social networks. The focus has shifted over time – beer enjoyment has steadily been evolving into a multi-sensory experience. Consumers from all walks of life are thrilled: from punk to banker, everyone is in on the trend. Craft beer, no doubt, has found its way into the whole of society.

The young trend also thrives on ancient wisdom: The eye wants to be pleased, too! With smart shapes and cool packaging designs, today’s lively ‘alternative’ beer culture is increasingly also attracting younger fans. Glass designs that are capable of conveying the distinctive character of each new beer are thus in high demand. Craft Master One by RASTAL has been created with just this inspiration in mind, namely to cater to the varied taste(s) of the global craft beer community.

The sensorially well-conceived shape of Craft Master One, its fill-level profile as well as its versatility for the most diverse beer styles bring functional appeal and thus added value to any hospitality venue, whether in everyday catering situations or at beer tasting events.

Beer sommeliere Sophie Wenzel has put Craft Master One to the test, and her professional judgment is clear: “Each craft beer carries the personal touch of its brewer. It exudes identification and emotion, it possesses character and individuality. Only an adequate glass is able to convey the nuanced nature of this complexity – it will reflect the beer’s eye-pleasing colour intensity as well as its rich diversity of aromas delighting the nose and the palate. Conveying complexity without creating complication was a real challenge, though. Because ultimately, it all boils down to one simple idea: catering to the honest enthusiasm for good, hand-crafted beer and the pleasure of enjoyment. Craft Master One is a perfect epitome of this down-to-earth idea. It is a modern glass created for passionate, genuine beer enjoyment – with a design that has all it takes to be an all-time favourite: a passion for beer.”

The brilliant character of Craft Master One has also been recognised by an international panel of high-profile experts. The glass has just been honoured with the iF DESIGN AWARD, the world’s most prestigious design prize, and is thus winner of the renowned iF label. Craft Master One is the dedicated glass for craft beer, with a unique design specially created for a new, enjoyment-oriented beer culture.

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