Young wine drinkers are helping to drive growth in the Japanese market with a more adventurous outlook than their parents, according to research from Wine Intelligence.

Although wine drinking is already widely established in Japan, with more than half of the country’s 103.4m adults classed as wine drinkers, the country has a reputation for conservatism. Economic pressure has also meant the wine market has struggled for growth.

But, imported wine has seen a boom in the past few years and this has partly been driven by consumers in the 20-34 age bracket, Wine Intelligence reports. These drinkers are demonstrating a sharp increase in their self-confidence in the wine category and far more likely than older consumers to take advice about their purchases, and to seek out less familiar varietals and countries of origin.

The Japanese Wine Market Landscape Report, published by Wine Intelligence, says there are reasons to be hopeful that younger drinkers could eventually change the face of the Japanese market. But, the research warns that the country's economic situation remains fragile, and that the 20-34 age group is more likely than other demographics to describe wine as an expensive drink.