Australian wine brand [yellow tail] has set a record for one-month sales in the US.

The brand sold over 1m cases in October, a 56% leap on the corresponding period last year. Its US importer, W.J Deutsch & Sons, said [yellow tail] was the first varietal wine brand in industry history to sell 1m cases in one month.

"We set a challenge for our sales organisation to sell 1m cases in October, and they exceeded our goal," said Bill Deutsch, chairman and CEO of W.J. Deutsch & Sons, which also co-owns [yellow tail].

"Results like this just don't happen; it takes a team of professionals and the backing of distributors to come together to achieve these wonderful results," added John Casella of Casella Estate, the family-owned winery behind [yellow tail].

W.J. Deutsch plans to invest around US$24m until December 2006 to expand its outdoor advertising campaign in the US and to form a partnership with the Independent Film Channel.
[yellow tail] is available in eight varietals in two sizes - 750ml and 1.5 litre - and has a suggested retail price of US$6.99 and US$11.99.

Casella Wines also produces a premium wine under the [yellow tail] The Reserve label. The Reserve is produced in five varieties - Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot - and is available in 750ml size at a suggested retail price of US$10.99 per bottle.