Xanadu Wines said today that it had been approached by a number of third parties who have expressed an interest in acquiring equity in the company, merging with Xanadu or acquiring all or some of the Western Australian group's assets.

However, in a statement to the ASX, Xanadu said the discussions had not yet reached a stage where any meaningful decision or announcement is imminent.

The board did say, however, that the company's financers are satisfied with a recent restructure and that there "is no financial pressure on Xanadu to sell further assets. Therefore any offers from prospective buyers or partners will be considered only if the directors deem them to be in the best interests of all shareholders."

Last week the company announced that it had agreed to sell its Normans, NXG and Jindawarra brands to Cockatoo Ridge Wines for A$7m.

The deal includes the brands' associated stock, fruit contracts and a 3,000 tonne winery at Claredon in the Adelaide Hills. Associated leases and rentals will also be assigned to Cockatoo Ridge as part of the transaction.