Englands dismal showing fails to hurt UK drinks sales

England's dismal showing fails to hurt UK drinks sales

The FIFA World Cup has boosted UK sales of beer, wines, spirits and soft drinks over the last month, according to Nielsen figures.

Alcoholic drinks saw the biggest sales lift in the UK from the month-long football tournament, Nielsen said today (20 July).

Value sales of beer, wine and spirits rose by 10.6% in the four weeks preceding the World Cup opening game on 12 June, and by 8.6% during the tournament, compared to the same periods of 2009.

Soft drinks also performed well, with sales up 8.4% in the four weeks to 10 July.

Hot weather in the UK in June almost certainly aided sales during June and July, alongside the football, Nielsen said.

However, the market analysis body said that the lift in sales was unlikely to be maintained in what is a subdued economic environment.

"Shoppers clearly stocked up immediately ahead of the football matches and there were some impressive weekly growths in some categories," said Mike Watkins, senior manager for retail services at Nielsen.

"However these were short-term as the way shoppers responded to football-related promotions was by being more promiscuous and by bringing forward expenditure.”