The role of women as wine consumers is gaining a higher profile, according to recent research from the US. The non-profit organisation Wine Market Council (WMC) said yesterday (17 May) that women purchase more than 70% of all wine sold in the US, and account for two out of three wine drinkers.

Quoting author and wine expert Leslie Sbrocco, the WMC said that the idea that women buy only 'value wines' is, in fact, a myth.

"Women account for 60% of high-end wine drinkers in the US," Sbrocco said, "meaning that they purchase wine costing more than US$15 occasionally to frequently, have more than 12 bottles on hand, and would buy wine costing over US$15 for a casual meal at home."

"Women are adventurous when it comes to buying wine and are willing to try new varietals, regions and producers if they offer top quality and value," Sbrocco added. "It's not about making wine different in the bottle for women. The point is to make wine a regular part of any lifestyle. That includes offering ease and convenience with things such as unique bottle sizes and screwtops."