Beverage Brands has redesigned its WKD brand's packaging with a simplified text to stand out on shelves in the UK during the summer.

The company said today (2 May) that, over the next six weeks, updated bottle labels will be phased in with a "strengthened logo, simplified text, greater focus on the brand's credibility, and more emphasis on the respective flavour variants".

To coincide with the redesign, new four- and 12-pack outers will also be introduced for the RTD range, the company said. 

Beverage Brands marketing director Karen Salters said: "It's very much a case of making a good thing even better; we're enhancing, not re-inventing. WKD certainly doesn't need to be over-designed and 'fancy' to appeal to consumers. The most important thing we've done is listen to our core consumers. In research, they said quite clearly that the current design has strong appeal and that they wouldn't like to see radical changes."

Beverage Brands has also introduced additional information on its back labels and multipack outers including a table providing government daily unit guidelines and a logo warning to avoid alcohol if pregnant.