The Cabernet Sauvignon you effortlessly purchase from may be described as "subtle" and "complex." Far more so is the 3-tier system of state laws and regulations that must navigate to deliver orders to America's 50 states, hundreds of counties, and thousands of cities and municipalities -- each with unique laws on alcohol sales and shipments. Thanks to Oracle8i's ability to distill enormous quantities of complicated data, is rolling out a data management system that will seamlessly handle sales of its 1,500-plus domestic and international labels across the United States. Backed by e-tail phenomenon, is the first to take on this market challenge, and Oracle8i is a key component in its goal to capture 70 percent of its $18 billion U.S. target market this year. Just ask -- they'll tell you Oracle8i is their number one recommendation for a full-bodied and robust database varietal.NOTE: Oracle is a registered trademark and Oracle8i is a trademark or a registered trademark of Oracle Corp (Nasdaq: ORCL).