WineScore introduces WineScore(TM) 2.0, with more than 3,000 French wines added to the popular database of more than 5,300 California, Oregon and Washington wines.

You're in a store, about to buy a bottle of wine. Which one do you choose? Or, you pick up a wine list in a restaurant and are faced with a vast variety of wines. WineScore offers the first comprehensive solution to the problem. WineScore software for Palm Computing® or compatible devices is the first totally unbiased database of ratings of wines from most California, Oregon and Washington wineries, as well as the best of the French wineries.

Since the software is on your Palm(TM) or Palm-compatible device, you can take it with you anywhere you might want to select a wine. WineScore software is marketed through the Internet at, and various other software e-commerce Web sites, for the low price of $24.95. This upgrade will be free to the thousands of current subscribers.

Unbiased ratings for more than 8,300 wines

WineScore software includes ratings of more than 5,300 individual wines from more than 800 wineries in California, Oregon and Washington, as well as more than 3,000 individual wines from France. The French wines are from the regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne, including 586 individual Champagnes.

The ratings, based on the opinions of major wine critics and on the results of important wine competitions held throughout the United States, are presented on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 representing an absolutely world-class wine.

The scoring formula takes into consideration:

1. Medals won at every major 1998 and 1999 California wine contest including:

LA County Fair, Orange County Fair, Riverside International, San Francisco International, Dallas Morning News Contest, California State Fair, Pacific Rim International, San Diego Wine Competition, Enological Society of the Pacific Northwest Wine Competition, Grand Harvest Awards and the West Coast Wine Competition

2. Ratings from every major wine reviewer in the United States, including Parker, Roby, Meade, Olken and James Laube.

3. Medals won at the prestigious World Wine Championships (Chicago) and InterVin competitions.

4. Ratings of the French wines are from such sources as Robert Parker, Clive Coates, Tom Stevenson, Eric Glatre, Serena Sutcliffe, Remington Norman and the French government.

On the Bordeaux, both Grand Vins and second wines are included. With second wines, the related Grand Vin is also listed. Both red and white Bordeaux are listed, including the very sweet golden Sauternes. On the Burgundies, which are much more difficult to separate, wines are listed by region, wine maker and vineyard. Both red and white Burgundies are also listed, including the great white Burgundies of the Cote de Beaune.

It's very easy to use

WineScore works like other Palm Computing device applications with which users are already familiar. To find the rating of an individual wine, first, select its varietal from the drop-down list at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then find the individual wine either by using the Up and Down scroll keys, or by writing the first few letters of the winery name in the lookup field. A wine can also be found by using the Palm device's built-in FIND function.

Tapping on the name of any winery will bring up a window that displays all of that winery's varietals and their respective scores. This screen is especially useful if the user happens to find a varietal in a store or restaurant that is not contained in the database. Looking at how the other varietals the winery makes are scored will offer a pretty good idea of how the unlisted varietal should score.

Sorting of wines can be either alphabetical or by rating.

WineScore is a very compact program, requiring less than 280K of memory space in the Palm Computing or any compatible device. With this version, the program has been rewritten to take into account the newest upgrades to the Palm operating system.

About WineScore

WineScore, founded in 1999, builds software for the Palm Computing and compatible devices. WineScore software provides the only totally unbiased database of ratings of virtually every California wine, as well as selected wines from Washington, Oregon and French wineries.

For further information, visit the WineScore Web site at, call 877/845-9990 or e-mail