Wines by Morrell Florida, the world's only licensee of renowned New York wine merchant Morrell & Company, opens its retail location in Tampa's historic Ybor City district with a VIP Grand Opening Reception on Wednesday, Nov. 1, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m."Thousands of wine lovers throughout the state know and appreciate what Morrell & Company stands for -- unparalleled selection, rare and difficult-to- find vintages and superior customer service," says Jim Sirna, president and member, board of managers. "We're pleased to bring this level of quality and service to Florida."Located in a restored building at 2009 N. 22nd St., Wines by Morrell Florida offers service and delivery throughout Florida. The 9,000-square-foot Tampa store combines approximately 1,950 square feet of retail space with 2,500 square feet of climate-controlled storage space, additional storage or auction space of 1,900 square feet, dry storage of 600 square feet and a future public wine tasting room of 1,950 square feet. The wine storage area will accommodate 6,500 cases initially, with more capacity to be added for customer storage."Fine wine is a pleasure to be enjoyed by many," adds Sirna. "During the coming months, we look forward to offering wine tastings, personal wine cellar advising, informal discussions and other opportunities for wine lovers of all ages and incomes to expand their tastes and their wine selections."Sirna, formerly associated with Morrell & Company, New York, is joined on the Wines by Morrell Florida board of managers by attorney and real estate developer/investor Bob Walter and attorney/investor Jack White.Wines by Morrell Florida, the world's only licensee of New York wine merchant Morrell & Company, is Florida's premier wine merchant, adviser and climate-controlled storage facility. In addition to its retail outlet, the Company offers telephone and mail orders, as well as delivery throughout the state. Web-based ordering will be introduced in the near future.