For the first time, a winery will use an on-line auction to distribute its total retail production. California Pinot Noir producer Kazmer & Blaise has chosen on-line auctioneer to auction 100 cases of its ultra-premium wine. The distribution arrangement highlights the potential of on-line auctions to change the way highly sought-after wine is sold to wine lovers and collectors.

Kazmer & Blaise is owned by Peter Molnar and Michael Terrien. Their 1998 "Primo's Hill" Pinot Noir is the inaugural vintage, which will see its entire retail allotment sold via auction at starting August 31.

"With only 100 cases available for retail sales, the demand will far exceed supply," explains Terrien. "By using to auction the wine we democratize the way the wine is sold, and stay out of the business of managing a mailing list. The auction offers a new and more equitable distribution model that we believe will benefit our customers and us."

The Kazmer & Blaise auction will begin on August 31 at when all 100 cases are made available at an opening price of $40/bottle. Any wine that is not sold by the close of the 10-day auction will be placed in winebid's next regularly scheduled auction beginning four days later. Winebid's regular auctions currently begin on Thursdays, end on Sundays, and last ten days.

"The mailing list method of selling small-production, high quality wines becomes cumbersome for the winery owner and frustrating for the buyer," says winebid's Director of Winery Relations, Cameron Hobel. "Auctioning highly allocated wine is the most efficient and fair way to distribute the wines. Our regularly scheduled auctions with a large and active group of bidders makes winebid a perfect venue to begin changing the traditional method of selling ultra fine wine." is one of the world's largest wine auction houses. Winebid conducts online auctions focusing on the North American, European and Australasia markets. It is the Internet's largest wine auction house, selling over $1 million dollars of rare and fine wine monthly.

Information on Kazmer & Blaise and their 1998 Pinot Noir can be found at winebid at: