Thousands of winemakers have protested in the streets of southern France against low prices paid for their wines.

Winemakers marched through Montpellier, the capital of France's Languedoc Roussillon region, on Wednesday (25 November). They called for direct government aid and action to prevent the low prices being paid to them by merchants and retailers for their wines.

A handful of protesters ended the day in scuffles with riot police.

The protest came a few days after the region's militant winemaker group, the Comite Regionale d'Action Viticole (CRAV), attacked one of the area's largest wine cooperatives, Val d'Orbieu. There were reports of bomb alerts at a number of retailers in the region.

Masked men claiming allegiance to CRAV sent a warning to French president Nicolas Sarkozy in video message last weekend.

There will be more attacks if there is no direct aid for the wine sector, said one. "We are exhausted, exhausted," he said.

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