A wine testing game has been launched by game developer Square Enix on the Nintendo DS in Japan.

Speaking to just-drinks today (5 October), a spokesperson for Square Enix said: "We decided to take the fun of playing games and combine them with the enjoyment of learning about something new."

"The title, Wine no Hajimekata DS, which translates as Beginners Wine DS, has been designed for all ages. But, as younger people are more attuned to videogames, it's certainly a way to reach a new audience, above the legal drinking age of course," the spokesperson added.

The company has pitched the game "for people interested in learning more about wine, but find the wealth of choice too intimidating and confusing".

Beginners Wine DS will be available in Japan from 15 November and retail at JPY2940 (US$25).

No titles in the DS Style Series have been announced for release in other markets yet.