In a taste test conducted in the UK, the vast majority of over 2,500 consumers preferred a cheap wine to a wine retailing at over £11.

The French Wine Good Taste Test - which was conducted on behalf of the low-end brand Piat d'Or - took place in five areas of the UK - Scotland, Wales, the North West, the North East and London. An independent adjudicator selected three different red and three different white French wines.

In each case, one retailed at £3.99 (which was Piat d'Or), one at £5.99 and one at £11.99. Participants were asked to select their preference for red or white, they tasted the three options blind, and were simply asked which wine tasted good to them.

Over 2,500 people took part in the exercise nationally. Of these, 18.6% preferred the mid-priced offering and 19.9% preferred the most expensive option. However, a substantial majority, 61.5%, decided that the wine they wanted was the £3.99 brand.

Even in the South-East, which is generally considered to be a region of more experienced wine drinkers, 57% of all Londoners sampled chose Piat d'Or, the wine at lowest price of £3.99.

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