Norwegian wine sales and consumer purchasing trends have continued their upward trend, according to recent figures.

Sales of wine in the country were up by 3.7% to 63.3m litres for the year, according to figures released today (20 April) by Statistisk Sentralbyrå (SSB), Norway's state-funded central statistics bureau.

Wine sales produced the highest rise for any alcohol product in the year, with SBB forecasting a 4.5% to 5% increase in sales in 2007.

The increase in wine sales was even more robust in the fourth quarter of 2006 when consumption and purchases were 4% higher than for the corresponding final quarter in 2005, SSB said.

The report compared the rising tide in wine sales with a modest increase for beer, which showed a 2.7% sales lift with volumes up by 6.6m litres compared to 2005.